DIY Pressed Highlighter

I love DIYs! They are so much fun and end up giving you a product which is so much cheaper than what it’s sold for… and ofcourse with all the efforts that you put in, in making something all by yourself, makes it even more dear to you! I did a DIY this weekend where I used eye-shadow pigments and turned it into a highlighter and it turned out really amazing!

A good highlighter costs you about INR 2000/- but this one I made for less than INR 100/- 😀 (and yes the cost includes all the products used)

DIY Pressed highlighter

You shall need

Eyeshadow pigments

You can choose the colour of your choice, the one I used has a silvery-champaign tone, you can use maybe a copper-bronze tone and create a bronzer!

and yes the eyeshadow costed me only INR 35/- , it’s was unbranded so I will not really be able to help you with the shade name and number

91% Alcohol

Though I used acetone here, but I would recommend 91% Alcohol


for mixing the contents


you can use any old/ empty palette

So once you have these nicely arranged in front of you, you can go ahead and watch the video below and DIY a pressed highlighter!

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