DIY Highlighting concealer

DIY Highlighting Concealer

I had been looking for a concealer since long, was oscillating between Maybelline Fit Me concealer and the L’oreal true match concealer but then one fine day while I had my creativity hat on, a beauty hack struck me and I ended up with a DIY highlighting concealer!

DIY Highlighting concealer

It’s not only absolutely cheap but also works really well, in fact, I have been wearing it very often ever since I made it.

The beauty of DIYs is that you can customize the product as per your own convenience and requirement. Here you can modulate the highlighting effect by controlling the amount of eye-shadow going in.

You will need

A white highlighting eye-shadow

(The one I used is from a local brand)

Now we don’t really want the eye shadow to be very highlighting, it should be just enough to brighten up the areas where applied

Foundation of your skin tone

(Maybelline Fit Me – 115 Ivory Ivoire)

The highlighting concealers that you get in the market are lighter than your skin tone (and that’s why they brighten up the areas where applied) but here we will be needing the foundation of your matching skin tone, because the eye-shadow when added will lighten and brighten up the shade.

A container for storage

You can get really good containers from Forever21 or NewU stores.

A toothpick for stirring

DIY Highlighting concealer


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