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10th October Onwards

The wedding season reminds me of my wedding time! These ‘ber’ months (I mean September, October, November, December) are the happiest months of the year for me! One of these being my wedding anniversary month šŸ˜€


Festivals, weddings, dressing up and of-course my wedding anniversary is all that comes to my mindĀ in these ‘ber’ months!

With so many weddings coming up (most of them being among close family and friends) I thought of starting a series called The Bride GuideĀ and this blog is an introduction to that!

This series is going to be a collection of 10 videosĀ on my YouTube channel which will help you brides-to-be choose the right makeup and alsoĀ help you apply it well for various occasions.

Make sure you are subscribedĀ to my channel so that you don not miss out on anything at all!


The series is going to startĀ October 10, Monday onwards and I hope it proves to be useful for you all šŸ™‚

If you have any makeup related query,Ā youĀ can send me your through an email at worldofmakeupmagique@gmail.comĀ please feel free to get in touch. I would be happy to help you out during this important time of your life šŸ˜€


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