Victoria's Secret Satin Gloss

Victoria’s Secret Satin Gloss Review

My love for lippers keeps oscillating between mattes and glosses, a few weeks back, I was drunk in love for matte lipsticks and lately I caught my self eyeing the glosses around. The new Victoria’s Secret Satin Gloss is a result of my newly found liking for glosses lately. A gloss is great for any occasion. It gives an overall softer look which is how I like my makeup to be.victorias_secret_gloss

So while passing by the Victoria’s Secret store, I couldn’t stop myself from peeping in and check out their new launches. These shiny glosses with so much glitter in them screamed to me and I bought them along. I picked 3 of these – Candy Baby, Indulgence and grapefruit blast. Candy Baby is a sheer nude pink, Indulgence is somewhat a beige with kind of holo glitter, this is my favorite and Grapefruit blast is a deep pink with similar glitter. Here is a detailed review 🙂

Candy Baby
Candy Baby




Grapefruit Blast
Grapefruit Blast


These come in easy squeeze transparent plastic tubes. It’s good to have transparent packaging, which easily helps you locate your shade. The cap screws securely which is really essential, you don’t want your gloss sticking around everywhere in your bag. For the applicator, I wish they had a wand along, I feel a wand gives a better control over the quantity. I personally prefer wand applicators.

Quality & Wearability

This gloss claims to be non sticky and it did stand by that. The texture is very comfortable. For the glosses with glitter, I loved the glitter quality, it’s extremely fine and gives a luxe finish. The only downside I felt was, that the glosses do not look exactly on the lips as they do in the tube, on the lips, the shade is extremely sheer, though the glitter shows well. For a casual outing, you can wear it alone but if you are wanting some color to show up, you’ll have to use it over a lipstick.

These also have strong fruity scent, which I love but some of you may not prefer scented products.

It lasts for about 4-6 hours which is great for a gloss.





The price of each tube is $10.

Indulgence, Grapefruit Blast, Candy Baby
Indulgence, Grapefruit Blast, Candy Baby



Why it couldn’t make 5/5?

  1. A brush applicator would have made my life easy.
  2. The shades are too sheer, they don’t show on the lips, the same way as they look in the tube.

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