Revlon Photoready Eye Art Moonlight Glitz | Review & Swatch

Liquid eye shadows are the new bomb in the market. After the immense success of liquid lipsticks, we could see brands coming up with liquid eye shadows. Revlon launched their liquid eye shadows lately, it’s the photoready eye art. The product is quite interesting, you have a liquid eye-shadow on one end and brilliant sparkle on the other. You can get creative and use it to create various looks. They come in 10 shades, and all of them are beautiful.


I was gravitated towards Moonlight Glitz which is deep, sort of a royal blue. I have been using it since a while and here is what I think about the product.

Revlon Photoready Eye Art

Revlon Photoready Eye Art


The packaging is exactly same as their nail art enamel. I almost missed it thinking it to be their nail polishes. On a second look I realized that it’s the new eye art.

I am not very convinced with the way they have come up with the packaging for two reasons.

A. The brushes aren’t very convenient to use, I prefer using my separate brush. Both the compartments have a separate brush, the glitter compartment brush is a thicker (and uncomfortable) version of an eyeliner brush. and the liquid shadow compartment has a brush similar to a lip gloss applicator.

B. From application point of view, the bottle feels heavy and bulky, therefore quite uncomfortable to use.

It looks interesting otherwise, a transparent packaging is always great.



I faced major issue blending the eye-shadow, I tried using a brush and finger to blend, but every time it turns out patchy and looks more like a stain. I feel this issue wouldn’t be there with the lighter shades but with this one, I faced difficulty in blending. It dries quickly giving you very little play time.

The good side is that it doesn’t crease and is water resistant.

Revlon Photoready Eye Art

Revlon Photoready Eye Art



On application the glitter feels sticky, but the issue is resolved as soon as it dries. It take a bit longer to dry compared to the eye shadow but that’s not my concern. The glitter is quite fine and looks really gorgeous and the best part is that there is absolutely no fall out. The sad part here is that you do not get intense glitter line in one stroke, you’ll have to build it up if you are using it as an eyeliner, during the process it turns slightly blotchy.



It lasts for 5-6 hours and doesn’t crease much. The glitter tends to crease a bit if used over the lids.





  1. Extremely difficult to smudge, both brush and finger application gives a very patchy finish.
  2. The packaging is bulky to use
  3. The brushes aren’t impressive
  4. Quite pricey



I hope you found the review useful, let me know if you have given a try to any of the eye art shades.


  1. The color is really pretty. Too bad that it does not blend nicely !


    1. Deepika Verma says:

      I agree 🙂

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