8 Hair Accessories Everyone Must Own

Short Or Long, hair management is such a task! And this task can be made easy and peppy with these 8 must have hair accessories.


1) Cute Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are great to fix those hair dancing around your face. They not only make life easier but look so cute. I like to wear it on the side or at the back of the head.

I got this from: Westside, New Delhi


hair accessories

hair accessories_1

2) Fancy Comb Clip

This solves the same purpose as a bobby pin, It’s just more convenient to use and looks a lot more fancier than a pin, you can slip it in your bag when you go to parties and have your hair left open…. we all know, by the end of the party we desperately want to throw away those heels and tie hair into a bun, this is when the comb clip will bring you some ease.

I got this from: Got it as a gift from an aunt in Mumbai




3) Jazzy Rubber Band

A good funky rubber band is all it takes to turn a plain boring ponytail into an interesting one.

I got this from: Forever21, New York



4) A Hair Band

This is such an essential hair accessory! Superb when you want absolutely no hair falling on your face.

I got this from: G K 1 M Block Market, New Delhi



5) A Small Bow Clutcher

For a half tied hair a small clutcher is the best option to reach for and nothing more feminine than a bow. The two make an essential combination for every girl.

I got this from: G K 1 M Block Market, New Delhi




6) Big Clutcher

This is a savior during bad hair days.

I got this from: Amarsons Store, Mumbai



7) Boring Hair Ties

Sad but true, this is an essential. A plain boring hair tie will do more good than harm. I like to have one around my wrist all the time, just in case I miss to carry with me any of the above 6. Also just in case a friend is in need of one, you wouldn’t mind giving away one of your boring hair ties 😉 I like to keep a bunch in my bag. They are also useful to tie on-the-go snack packets.

I got this from: Forever21, New Delhi


8) Invisible Comb Clip

These help me magically get rid of my bangs. If you have flicks or bangs, You would love these.

I got this from: Central Market, New Delhi


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