NadiaGel HNC Non-Toxic Gel Nail Starter Kit

I recently received this gorgeous gel nail kit from NadiaGel. Gel polishes have totally revolutionized the manicure game. It’s wearable for a much longer time, and looks super luxe and glossy. I personally love gel polishes. The are much better than the regular polishes in so many ways.

The NadiaGel HNC Nail Starter Kit has all that you need to achieve those gorgeous gel painted nails at home!

Here is a quick look at the kit. Will be posting the review soon!



P.S – I totally loved the pink LED lamp. Just perfect!





  1. Wow ! M gonna check it out now !

  2. Omg, tgis super cute kit. Plz post review soon.. ?

  3. This looks so interesting.. Wish it was available in India ?

  4. Wow that complete nail art kit is perfect. With this kit we can do nail art easily. And that small cute little pink lamp looks so beautiful

  5. Me too loved the pink LED lamp. Just perfect nail art kit for you ??

  6. this is something new but it looks good please post more on it

  7. Crushing over this nail art kit

  8. Wow… It is so cute… How much is for the kit? You hvn’t mention the price..

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Hi Snigdha… it’s currently costing $99

  9. Poornima reddy says:

    Nail art kit that’s cute…. Never tried any before… Will surely check this out

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      surely do 🙂

  10. I have never tried gel nails ever.

  11. Amazing option for people like me.. What is the price?

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Hi Anjali… it’s currently costing $99

  12. Wow it’s amazing … What’s the price of this

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Hi Rashmi… it’s currently costing $99

    2. Neha Aggarwal says:

      Hey hi…
      I want try this

  13. Papri Ganguly says:

    wow!Such a cute kit. Perfect for those nail art geeks.

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      I totally agree :)

  14. This is z a nice kit. I am gonna check it out.

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