NadiaGel HNC Non-Toxic Gel Nail Starter Kit | REVIEW

From my previous posts you guys would have already kown how much I am enjoying my gel manicures. For those who are wondering “Why Gel Nails?”… well, if you wish to have mega glossy, plumpy, luxurious looking nails which remain perfectly groomed for weeks to go, then gel manicure is the answer!


I received this gorgeous Gel Nail Starter Kit form NadiaGel which has all you need to get started with it even if you are a beginner. Now, when I first did my gel manicure a few months back, I kinda struggled collecting all the essentials… LED lamp.. the right base coat… top coat.. polishes… orange wood sticks… etc.. etc.. phew!! and this is when a kit comes handy. So here is the detailed review of NadiaGel HNC Non-Toxic Gel Nail Starter Kit.

Packaging & What all is in there
There is  this very cute transparent trunk packaging with all the contents nicely organized. I loved the case! I now use it to store my nail art stuff. The contents of the kit are as follows:

  1. User Manual
  2. LED Lamp Manual
  3. LED Lamp (with cord & plug)
  4. 7 Gel Polishes (Top Coat, Base Coat, 4 Color, Glitter Polish)
  5. Cuticle Oil
  6. Alcohol Swabs
  7. Orange Wood Stick
  8. Nail Art Stickers
  9. Nail File





About the Contents

LED Lamp

Loved the LED lamp they provide. It’s not only gorgeous but also very light weight and portable. Something really convenient about this lamp is that once turned on, it automatically turns of after 30 seconds. Absolutely loved it.



Nail Polishes

If you compare with a reqular polish, these are slightly thick… typical of a gel polish viscosity. They glide on smoothly and evenly leaving no brush trails behind. Two coats give best pigmentation. Ofcourse you can layer it on if you have stained nails. In addition, these polishes give a beautiful smooth finish.

These cure perfectly in 30 seconds! You need a very little amount for every coat. Little goes a long way 🙂

You also get little shade stickers, which you can stick anywhere on the bottle as per your convenience.





Nail File

The nail file that comes along is quite coarse. I use it mainly to get rid of the top coat while removing the polish or to  shape my nails.


Nail Art Stickers

Nothing more convenient than having nail art stickers! It gives a twist to boring nails without any effor at all! I gotta try these very soon.


Alcohol Swabs and Orange Wood Sticks

Alcohol Swabs come really handy to clean nail surface before starting off your manicure. A good way to get rid of any oily subtance on your nails for a long lasting manicure.

Those orange wood sticks are my favourite! They clean off nail polish mistakes so well and not only that, I also use it to apply nail rhinestones. A moistened tip helps pick those rhinestones comfortably.


Cuticle Oil

I love rose scented products! Nothing better than having found rose cuticle oil in the kit 🙂 When applied to cuticles as a final step, it absorbs quickly taking away any dryness. And needless to say, it smells divine!



$139.99  $99.99

Where to Buy?

You can buy your very own kit HERE!

To know how to do your ourn gel nails at home, check out the tutorial below!


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