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We spend way too much time and money on skin care and hair care! It’s so unfair to leave hands and feet unattended. They surely need as much maintenance, care and time as our face or hair. My blog today is dedicated to simple tips for soft and heathy hands that work so hard and deserve the much needed attention.

Use Gentle Hand Soaps

It’s not a good idea to be harsh on your hands, be careful to pick the right hand wash, just like you do for your shampoo and face wash. I like to use hand wash that contain aloe vera extracts and also have moisturizing properties. This eliminates over drying in the very first place.


Bring Those Hand Creams in Use

Always have a hand cream with you in your bag. Keep your hands well moisturized after every wash, specially during winters. The choice of hand cream can depend upon your skin type, I like to use water based hand creams so that they don’t feel greasy. My current favourite is Vanilla Honeysuckle Luxurious Hand Cream from Brompton & Langley.


Those rubber gloves were invented for a reason

Ever realised that those rubber gloves for domestic cleaning and all, were there for a reason… and the reason is ofcourse to shelter your hands, make sure to bring them in practice while doing household cleaning or dishes.


Weekly Hand Massage

A good hand massage is as healthy as a head massage. Make sure you do so once a week atleast. This stimulates blood flow and is also very relaxing. I like to use a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E oil.


Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oils are great to instantly heal the rough dry skin around the nails, It’s a good practice to use cuticle oil everytime you use nail polish or nail polish removers as they tend to make the cuticles dry. My current favourite is Rose Cuticle Oil from NadiaGels.


This blog is a part of blog marathon, where various bloggers come forward to share their thoughts on women health, beauty and wellness..

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