BeautyBigBang Chameleon Glitter Nail Foils | REVIEW & TUTORIAL

Here is another post on metallic chrome nails, my previous post was on Holographic Mettalic Nails, I am such an addict to these chrome nails…these look unbelievably gorgeous and are surely a must try.


BeautyBigBang were generous enough to send these across to me and they absolutely turned out stunning! You can buy Chameleon Glitter Nail Foils at an additional 10% OFF, with my coupon code DEEPIKA10.

Till then, here are some reveal shots and a complete video on their appication and review for you guys.

Products Used

NadiaGels – Base Gel Polish
NadiaGels – Black Gel Polish
NadiaGels – Top Gel Polish
Chameleon Glitter Nail Foils


 nails4 (1)


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  1. Very pretty and amazing. Watched your video and found it is so easy to have these foiled nails at home. 🙂

  2. Papri Ganguly says:

    The holographic effect on your nails looks so magnificent. Already saw your tutorial and love it.

  3. Very creative ❤️

  4. This looks so pretty! ? Also love your nails! ?

  5. Poornima reddy says:

    Your nail the too good… How to manage them…. And this is amazing

  6. Wow Deepika. I love every creation of urs. You seem to be a pro doing this. I wish to learn so much from you to make the nails look beautiful.

  7. I watched your video last night ?? very neat work ?

  8. Whoa.. Stunning, you have beautiful nails 🙂

  9. Loving the metallic galaxy vibe your nails have.

  10. Superb tutorial. I saw your vedios on you tube. These are just mind blowing. Loving your nails.

  11. This is looking great… Very easy to create.. I saw the tutorial on your channel…

  12. I am in lovw with these !

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