Floral Dress ft. HOTOUCH


Florals are one of my favourite picks during monsoons and summers, they look so vibrant and make you look younger and brighter … HOTOUCH  was generous enough to send me this beautiful comfy floral dress. For those who aren’t familiar, HOTOUCH is a clothing brand which you can check out at AMAZON. They offer quite a good variety of dresses to choose from and there is one for every mood! For those who are a sceptic, here is what I think about the brand.


The dress is marked as 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, I am a person who likes to be in soft breezy fabrics, Anything synthetic touching my skin is a big no! Again, I like fabrics which aren’t too thin, I like them a little thick so that they hold their shape well and also don’t get too clingy.

And for this dress, I am happy to report, the fabric blew me away the moment I held it! It’s extremely soft and comfortable just the way I like, also the fabric has just the right amount of thickness.



The dress fits really well, I am not very much an online shopper when it comes to clothes, but I was quite excited to see how well the fitting is designed. Also, if you visit their link, you can easily figure out your right size through the measurements chart provided.

hotouch_4 (1)


If you see overall, the fabric gives a good finishing to the outfit, but what I did not really like was the seams showing, A contrasting white seam running over a deep blue gives a little downside to the finishing.


After washing

Everybody likes clothes which are easy to maintain, You can’t always find time to hand wash… I have washed this dress in the washing machine a couple of times (on regular setting) and dried it in the dryer, and it did not change a bit! The colour, fabric, fitting everything remains intact, which makes me love it even more!

You can check out HOTOUCH at AMAZON and use discount code 9X93RGQ4 to get an extra 35% OFF!

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