Mirror Chrome Nails With Regular Polish | Floral Nail Art Tutorial


DO you want to get those mirror nails but get intimidated by gel polishes?? Well not anymore! Mirror nails can now be achieved easily at home over regular polishes. I too wasn’t aware until I was sent these unique and exciting nail art stuff from Oceans Of Beauty.

Mirror chrome nails are such a trend and it’s amazing to see brands coming up such a variety. I love mirror chrome nails for the fact that they look uber trendy, go with every outfit and look stunning on every skin tone.

Watch the video to know how I achieved so, along with the complete nail art tutorial.

Products Used

Kiko Nail Polish – 243

Kiko Nail Polish – 489

Sparkle & Co. Mirror Chrome Powder

Sparkle & Co. Mirror Top Pure

Sparkle & Co. Mirror Seal





  1. This looks so pretty

  2. As always I love your unique nail designs.

  3. The nail design looks interesting and amazing. Lovely post.

  4. I love the nail art. You have got a really good hand at it. Keep it up. Great job!

  5. Mrinal says:

    So so so beautiful! Looks like you have got them printed! ?

  6. Very beautifully applied indeed. Love it!

  7. This nail art is just fabulous and one of my favourite among all the others nail designs so far. The colour combo is just perfect for me. The way you doing it just like an expert artist. Love your creativity in designs. Keep it up.

  8. Your nail art is so flattering. Loved your creativity 🙂

  9. the nail art you do is just so perfect but this one has become my fav…cant get my eyes off

  10. This nail art is easy to do at home all thanks to the way you have shared!

  11. This nail Fit is so easy and beautiful great thing can be easily tried at home

  12. I love your nail art. The way its put. I must say looks like fairy nails.

  13. You made it so beautiful yet simple

  14. LOved the video. All your nail art videos and post are amazing. Floral looks gorgeus.

  15. I watched the video some time back and enjoyed it. .. ? the stickers really made the job easy..

  16. Snehalata Jain says:

    Seriously I’m a big fan of ur nail arts

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