Water Permeable | Halal Nail Polishes by 786 Cosmetics | REVIEW

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with 786 Cosmetics. These polishes were sent to me by the brand but the review is absolutely genuine and true* 

I was highly intrigued when I first learnt about water permeable nail polishes. It’s so good to see brands coming up with such innovative and useful ideas. These polishes are not only water-permeable but also cruelty-free and were made keeping in mind the Wudu/Ablution ritual. Apart from that, I feel these are a great breathable option for the nail as well. Here is what I think about these polishes.

786 nail polishes

786 nail polishes (1)


There isn’t anything disappointing or impressive about their packaging. It’s  a basic clean bottle with a good applicator. These come in an outer cardboard packaging which has the ingredients and other details mentioned.

786 nail polishes (2)

Quality and Wearability

Talking about the quality, these give a smooth streakless finish. The shades Jaipur, Doha and Granada are extremely pigmented and give full coverage in just 1 coat, whereas the shades Fez and Cairo need about 2-3 coats for a completely opaque finish.

I was amazed to see my nail polish intact with each passing day. These remain in perfect condition for 5 days (that too without a top coat!) there is no chipping, no rubbing off from the ends and can be stretched up to 7 days. If you have the top coat on, you can enjoy them for 7- 10 days which in my opinion is superb!


The price of each polish is $12.95 and the top coat costs  $12.95  $9.99

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Let’s take a look at the shades.


A cool toned grey-brown shade which can be a great fall or winter wear and would suit most of the skin tones.

786 nail polishes




A sparkly deep brown shade which is again great for the fall or winters. Can be easily pulled off across skin tones. Being sparkly in nature, it’s a great festive wear too.

786 nail polishe




This one is a frosty pearly green with subtle shimmer. A perfect summer wear. It’s great for people with fair to medium skin tone. This one takes 3 coats to give full coverage.

786 nail polishes (3)

786 FEZ



This is one of my favourite from the range. It’s a pastel pink with a brown undertone. Looks like a brick red mixed with pink. Extremely unique. Though it’s a typical spring shade, I don’t mind carrying it all seasons. It’s so fresh and peppy… Just love it. This can be worn across skin tones.

786 nail polishes (1)

786 jaipur



Last of all, my another favourite. This one is a somewhat lavender shade with a hint of grey. I see this as a winter shade and can look great on fair to medium skin tones… people with deeper skin tones can also pull this off well.

786 nail polishes (2)

786 granada

Which one did you like the most? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Love how SOLID the colors are.

  2. Wow dese shades are amazing n color pigmentations is really good…vll suitall skin tone

  3. Loved the jaipur shade!

  4. Joshita JJ says:

    The shades are unique and has beautiful finish. Jaipur, Doha, Granada are my favorite shades…

  5. I loved all the shades.. Very Beautiful shades

  6. Those are lovely colors. I am hearing something called water permeable for the first time, will check it out.

  7. Pretty pretty shades girl…amazing…

  8. roopali gupta says:

    Such a Lovely and vibrant colour, would love to try them

  9. Lovely shades and they seem to be really good, ordering them soon! ⚡️

  10. Your nails are beautiful and love the shades. Will keep on my to buy list.

  11. Water permeable nail paint. Hearing for the first time. Cool shades too

  12. I was discussing yesterday about halal nail polish and here it comes I love Jaipur shade and surely wanna try this

  13. Such gorgeous shades! Love the last one the most ?

  14. This seems to be a new and welcome concept. I loved all shades especially Granada.

  15. Wow! Never knew about this. Something for a person like me. Thanks 🙂

  16. I loved the grey shade. Looks classy and can be experimented with.

  17. loving the brand!! this is something I was looking for! Halal and Wudu friendly! perfect for me!

  18. All shades are amazing but specialy I love the grey one .

  19. Ooh, I love Fez! I have an outfit that would go with it perfectly.

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      🙂 🙂

  20. So what does water permeable mean, exactly? Like is that why it stays on for five days without chipping?

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Water Permeable means, it allows water to penetrate through… 🙂

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