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Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with SoapBox, the products were sent to me by the brand but the review is totally genuine and true.

Strong coffee and a refreshing bath are the key ingredients to a good start of the day. While you may not have time to prepare that coffee, you can surely step up your bathing experience with some great products. Recently I got a chance to try some of the products from SoapBox. If you haven’t heard about the brand before, I would encourage you to go and read about them as they not only offer great quality products to their customers but also have a great cause behind their business… for every product sold, a bar of soap is given to a person in need!



The bundle costs $29.95 and the price of individual items are listed down below which you can SHOP HERE. You can also use the code GHD17makeupmagique to avail 10%Off.

SoapBox Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner

I was quite intrigued by the bamboo shampoo and conditioner… When I used this for the very first time, it reminded me of my holiday in Langkawi. As I was shampooing, I could see the beach, the sea, the luxurious resort in my minds’ eye. Not that the shampoo helps you visualize.. lol.. I mean, it smells so calming, so herbal that you can definitely feel something great being applied to your hair. And, the after results?! Soft, and shiny hair that radiate healthy soft fragrance. I have been using the combo since two weeks now and I am definitely not switching to any other.

Bamboo Conditioner Price – $6.99 USD

Bamboo Shampoo Price – $6.99 USD

soapbox (2)

SoapBox Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Body Wash

One little squeeze is all you need on your luffa all over your body! This mild and gentle smelling body wash lathers easily and doesn’t dry out your skin. It’s great for every skin type and every season. A bottle of this body wash shall last you for very long.

Price – $6.99 USD

soapbox (3)

SoapBox Vanilla & Lily Blossom Hand Wash

I like the bottle.. It looks great on my bathroom countertop, the off-white pearly hand wash smells soft vanilla and lily crushed together. I expected this to be my most favourite but it turned out to be my least favourite. I feel that this dries out my hands and I need a hand cream immediately after using this. Well, this could be only me as I have dry hands and prefer hand soaps with moisturizing properties. If you don’t have dry hands like mine, you can give this a try.

Price – $4.49 USD

soapbox (4)

SoapBox Citrus & Peach Rose Bar Soap

The soft and calming fragrance of this soap makes me want to use it even more. This doesn’t feel drying like the hand wash but isn’t moisturizing either. I love the engraved logo and the mission of the brand. It would always remind you of the great cause your purchase has gone into.

Price – $4.49 USD


soapbox (6)

soapbox (7)

All these products have a very natural calming fragrance which I love and the great cause behind every purchase makes me love these even more.

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    Nice collection, seems a good option for gifting too

  6. Zainab says:

    These products look amazing I love the soap bar. I would love to try this .. can almost smell it 🙂

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  15. Papri Ganguly says:

    Awesome pictures. These bath and body care products look so luxe. Wish that these would be available in India.

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