Little Ondine Nail Polishes | Review & Swatches

Disclaimer: This blog is in collaboration with Little Ondine, the nail polishes were sent to me by the brand, but the review is absolutely genuine and true.

I was amazed when I first learnt about water-based, natural nail polishes from Little Ondine. These polishes are not only free of toxins but also save your time, money and energy that you would spend on removing regular nail polish with acetone because you know what… They can be peeled off!! Just what I needed in my life!

little ondine

little ondine (1)

I got to try three of their shades, the first one is Ibiza, which is a deep orangy red, the other one is Aqua, which is a gorgeous teal blue, very unique… and the third shade is Nebula which is such a pretty metallic green, this one is my favourite. I also got to try their top/ base coat, it looks milky white but turns transparent when dried.

little ondine (2)

little ondine (3)


The polishes come in transparent cuboidal bottles. These don’t take a lot of space, unlike the cylindrical bottles. I love the brush applicator, the bristles help in easy and perfect application.

little ondine (4)

little ondine (5)

Quality and Texture

It was quite pleasing to try odour free nail polish, I have always hated the strong odour which most of the nail polishes have. These polishes have a texture similar to gel polishes, they glide on smoothly and leave a streak-free finish. Two coats are required to give a completely opaque finish which is very much gel-like. I love it! The high quality and it’s quick drying nature has made me fall in love with these.

Apart from all the goodness that you experience while applying the polish, there is even greater satisfaction in peeling it off. If you hate nail polish removers like I do… you will definitely love these. Removing nail polishes has never been so easy and quick.


festive_nail_art (1)


These last for 2-3 days, after which these start to peel off, which might be a downside for many. I like to change my nail polish in 2-3 days so I don’t mind the short wear time.


These retail for $13.99 each. BUY HERE

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Which of these is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I loved d Colors but nail art is simply amazing

  2. oh i just love the red one in their range!!

  3. Amrita says:

    What a wonderful nailpolish .I loved the teak blue one best.Water based and peels off is perfect

  4. I’m amazed by hearing natural nail polish too! ? And these colors are gorg!

  5. Wow the nail pint and the way you have put looks amazing. Thanks for sharing about this lovely brand.

  6. Wow!! The nail art is just so pretty. Loved the shades

  7. Wow the nail color bottles are so cute. Every shade i pretty. Loved the nail art that you have done.

  8. Papri Ganguly says:

    Wow this nail paints are so bright and festive looking. Love the Nebula.

  9. Wow, your nails look so beautiful with these enamels on them. Loved the blue one with beautiful golden art on it.

  10. All shades are very pretty and beautiful

  11. Mrinal says:

    Wow water based nail polishes.. never heard of them.. i so want them.. will surely buy!

  12. Woah Natural Nail polish? I’m amazed. I’m definitely buying this.

  13. I just love all these gorgeous nail shades. Perfect for festive days. Orange one looks best.

  14. What a great new product! water based & no need for acetone to remove it! must have for this festive season when we are changing our nail color everyday to match our outfits!

  15. Love the nail shades and the icing on the cake is your nail art fantabulous

  16. Water based nail polishes are new to me. I have never used them before.

  17. Lovely shades and a new brand for me. Love the way you decked up the nails.

  18. The color of Aqua is really very attractive. Free of toxins makes the nail polish eco-friendly and along with this the nail polishes are odour free which is the perfect combination.

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