Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Patchology, the products were sent to me by the brand but the review is absolutely genuine and true.

With sheet masks coming in, skin care has become a lot easier and less messy! The best way to pamper yourself on a Sunday evening is to put on a sheet mask and enjoy your favorite book. I like to use a mask once in 7 days, you can decide what works best for you as per your skin needs. I got some exciting products to try form Patchology and I have been reaching out for these every now and then. For those who are not familiar, patchology offers a variety of sheet masks, under eye patches, lip masks… there is one for every skin concern and you can definitely find your best match on their website. To know what I think about their products, read on!

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Talking about mud masks, I definitely get very excited to buy them and after that, they are just a piece of decoration on my skincare shelf. The whole idea of pampering yourself with a mud mask definitely sound tempting and nourishing but is so messy that I tend to procrastinate every time! The smartmud mask is something unique and gives your skin the much-needed pampering without the mess!

This is my favorite mask of all and you will know why, shortly. This is a great mask for once in every 15 days when you need a bit of extra care and get rid of all the dullness, dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities. This comes in two halves which makes usage very convenient and also sits very comfortably on the face. Within 10-12 minutes the mask dries and you can peel it off. Talking of the results… Definitely much softer and cleaner skin. I would definitely recommend this.


$30.00 for Pack of 4 Masks

$8.00 for Single Mask



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Hydration is really important for the skin, both from the inside and outside, while our dietary intake takes care of hydration from within, I love to use soothing hydrating masks like this to provide the external hydration. The Illuminate mask is a must have for me every week or sometimes twice a week.  It feeds in moisture making your skin look glowy… I also like to use it during special occasions prior putting my makeup on.


$30.00 for Pack of 4 Masks

$8.00 for Single Mask



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For me, the milk peel mask was not as effective as the other two. I was expecting this to show great results, for it has amazing ingredients like lactic acid (which my skin totally loves), coconut and soy milk. It definitely moisturizes the skin but nothing more than that.


$30.00 for Pack of 4 Masks

$8.00 for Single Mask




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These are my absolute favorite out of all the products. These are gel patches for the under eye are, I like to use them once or twice a week or more if needed. They help take away the tiredness or dullness and feel really cool and relaxing. I like to apply it prior to putting on my makeup. These gel patches are very comfortable to wear, they sit comfortably in the under eye are and you can easily move around and do your random work without worrying about them sliding away.


$50.00 for 30 Pairs



Which of these products intrigued you the most? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Sheet masks are so awesome and easy to use

  2. Easiest way to take care of skin . Shall try these out

  3. Such a great and simple way to care for your skin.

  4. These are some wonderful products and detoxification is need of hour. With so much pollution around, this is the must thing.

  5. Wow!!! Sheet masks are huge rage these days. 30 masks for 50 dollars and that too with such good reviews i am up for grab!!!


  6. Seems like a great product. Love trying different sheet mask, definitely wanna try this one also.

  7. now here are the beautiful set of good quality products which I would love to try,..

  8. Saakshi says:

    The products sound promising! Is it available in India as well?

  9. These sheet mask looks really awesome ones. Best i like that under eye gel mask. Seems must use products for beautiful and clean skin

  10. the products like under eye gel and sheets etc are new to me I never tried but after reading your review I feel like trying them soon

  11. I am myself huge fan of sheet masks and eye masks. these one look interesting. thanks for sharing your review

  12. Prisha Lalwani says:

    Those eye gels looks phenomenal. I so need a product like that for myself.

  13. Sheet masks are a great and easy way for skin care. I loved the under eye gel patches too.

  14. Lovely and simple way to take care of skin.. All products are must use

  15. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I really lovee Patchology products for my skin care type. That eye gel is so awesome. It prevents the darkness in my eyes. and I really loves it.

  16. Looks like a very useful product. Very few people take good care of their skin.

  17. I love that milk peel and mud mask..wish it was available in India too..!

  18. Sheetal Dorby says:

    I would love to try their eye gel , something new to me ?

  19. Papri Ganguly says:

    Prices are on higher side but these look worthy

  20. I loved the eye patches as I feel so tired by the end of the day. Would love to try them out.

  21. I really wanted to try sheet masks but wasn’t too sure of which one to pick. Thanks for your review I’m sure many women like me would be able to make an informed choice

  22. The gel patches will probably be my favorite too. I bet you can chill them for a little while!

  23. I love these masks and really good for a weekend. Easy way for skin care

  24. Whoa!! The products sound great. I wish I could get them in India too.

  25. This sheet masks loos promising . Would love to try this

  26. sounds great..
    would love to give it a try

  27. I love how in depth your reviews are.

  28. The gel eye patches intrigue me..i al a huge fan of sheet masks!

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