2 Steps to Healthy & Strong Nails

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Skin Actives, the products were sent to me by the brand, but the review is absolutely genuine and true.

My nails have rarely been bare since the time I discovered my love for nail polishes, which was in 2007…. It’s been 10 years and my love for painted nails has only grown. Like skin, nails too need care, attention, and nourishment to be healthy and strong. Back to back manicures have definitely had adverse effects on my nails but I make sure to follow my nail care rituals on a regular basis. I was lately introduced to this nail care duo from Skin Actives which comprises of nail serum and oil. It claims to nourish and strengthen nails… does it work? Read on to know more!

nail care

skin actives nail care duo


These come in lipgloss like containers, which is quite travel friendly and easy to apply, the packaging ensures no spillage which I really like. This makes it really easy for me to carry it along when I am traveling.

skin actives nail care duo (3)

How to apply

It’s a 2 step process where you first apply the nail serum on clean nails, cuticles, and the area around. Massage the serum gently so that it gets absorbed. After which, apply nail oil on nails and skin around. Massage gently.

I like to apply this at night so that my nails soak in the nourishment for good 7-8 hours. For days when I am not wearing nail polish (which is really rare) I use these as explained above, for the rest of the days, I like to apply the two products on the cuticles, the area around and on the inside of the nails.

skin actives nail care duo (1)

skin actives nail care duo (2)

The Results??!!

As I said earlier, back to back manicures did bring along adverse effects for my nails, I could see them getting really dry and ripped off of moisture and of course looked less healthy. After using the nail care duo for 2 weeks, I have definitely seen amazing results. I see them growing faster and healthier. This has even helped repair the previous damage. Another great thing about this duo is, it also heals dry cuticles which I often tend to develop during winters. This is not only an effective nail care duo but also super effective for your winter cuticle care.

Definitely a simple, quick and highly effective nail care duo. I would highly recommend.


The Duo costs $16.75  $12.50, you can BUY HERE


  1. I always have dry cuticles. I wash my hands a lot and it ends up drying the cuticle area even more. This nail care duo definitely sounds like the product for me.

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  11. Poornima reddy says:

    First time I am coming across such amazing product. I always love to read everything u talk about nails and nail care

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  16. Papri Ganguly says:

    I have really weak and easily breakable nail. Thanks for sharing such amazing tips and tricks

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    Thanks for these tips. Much needed.My nails are so brittle right now.

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