November Favorites from BLAQ

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Blaq, the products were sent to me by the brand, but the reviews are absolutely genuine and true

Charcoal Skincare is all over the internet these days. Blaq is an Australian skincare brand that uses activated charcoal as their core ingredient and has absolutely innovative, effective and useful products. I have been trying some of their products and have absolutely loved them to an extent that I am hooked. Read on to know more about these.



This was my first time trying this brand, At the very first glance, the packaging caught me. I am always in for nicely packaged products. I love the minimalistic packaging, I think it looks quite classic. Also, all of these are so travel-friendly, All I need to do is simply pop them in my bag and I am good to go.

BLAQ Charcoal Wipes

These are facial wipes which can also be used to remove makeup. This is my utmost favourite and there are many reasons why I love it. These solve multiple purposes. It has dual texture; gentle exfoliating beads on one side to get rid of dirt or makeup, and the other side is for gentle cleansing, I like to run this all over my face after I have used the exfoliating side. This ensures dirt and makeup free skin.

Another great thing is, I love the quality of these wipes. Definitely worth the price. I sometimes also use it to clean my makeup brushes, especially when I am traveling.

Price: US$12.95 for a pack of 25 Wipes


blaq (2)

blaq (4)

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BLAQ Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Blackheads and whiteheads are a major problem for most of us. I hate to get any sort of expensive treatments done from salons. Instead, I like to use this once a week, after washing my face with warm water, I like to apply the mask on target areas which are nose and surrounding cheek area, chin and forehead sometimes, let it sit for 15 minutes, till it’s completely dry and simply peel it off… Isn’t that so simple and convenient!!

Talking of results, luckily I do not suffer for stubborn blackheads, for me, this mask is quite effective in removing whiteheads and some blackheads. The skin feels and looks super soft and clean. For those who have really stubborn blackheads, this may not prove to be very effective.

Price: US$29.00



blaq (7)

BLAQ Teeth Whitening Wand

Oral hygiene can definitely not be neglected, nothing is prettier than a smile so why not invest in making it even better. The teeth whitening wand is a quick, hassle-free and effective way to whiten teeth and kill bad breath. After the very first use, you will start falling in love with this wonder wand. It leaves you feeling fresh and confident.

Price: US$19.95


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Have you tried any of these products before? If not, which product intrigues you the most? Let me know in the comments section below!!

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