Lip Balm for a Busy Winter Morning

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Kiss Me Honey, the products were sent to me by the brand, but my opinion on them is absolutely genuine and true.

Chapped lips, flaky skin, and dry cuticles are my winter dreads! Regular and timely moisturization is surely the key to happy skin during winters but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. A busy winter morning may not leave you with enough time for self-care, this is when I reach out for a lip balm for most of my skin concerns.

I use a lip balm not only to treat chapped lips but also as a quick fix for dry patches on the skin and sometimes also to prevent blisters from shoes. Now since a lip balm is one of my beauty must-haves, it has to be safe and effective.

kiss me honey

I am totally in love with organic products. When I first learned that Kiss me Honey makes organic lip balms which are chemical free and contains nourishing ingredients such as organic beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil, almond oil, it definitely sounded a hit. I have been trying these for a few weeks now and here is what I think.


Thank God these do not come in tub packaging! I love the cute black and hot pink stick case these come in, definitely reduces the risk of contamination, unlike the tub packaging.

Quality/ Texture

When talking of quality, nothing can beat purity. The fact that these are chemical free and made of all organic ingredients immediately gives a sense of trust. They have organic flavors added which is absolutely NOT over-empowering like most of the other lip balms.

What I like most about this product is that on application it does not leave a shiny glossy look, it looks and feels very light and natural which makes it absolutely suitable for use by men and children. The mild scent makes it a very comfortable wear even for those who prefer non-scented products. Apart from that, the variety of flavors makes it really exciting.

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I have tried this lip balm on dry lips and it did heal in the very first go itself. It keeps your lips hydrated for about 4 hours after which you may need to re-apply. I also like to use this beneath my lipstick for added moisturization all day.


$4.99 per stick


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  1. In my experience, organic product beat the ones made using chemical ingredients. Your review is nice and I loved the part that the balm has organic flavors so that the smell would be mild as well. Want to give it a try!

  2. Winters and lip balms are like bestfreinds, we just cannot detach them!

  3. I have read dry lips and this lip balm sounds to deal good with it. Is it available in India???

  4. Chapped lips are a constant battle in the cold weather and a good lip balm is just what you need! This seems awesome, thanks for introducing this lip balm!

  5. I too love to try organic products.. And I too do not prefer the tub packaging for my lip balms.. this looks like a must have for me

  6. Very necessary post for this winter season as keeping lips pinkie very tough.. love it

  7. Alexx Bloom says:

    Was looking for a lipbalm that would be affordable ,this product looks promising and vitamin e is a need for soft lips

  8. These lip balms seem like great option to cure chaffed lips.. Beautiful clicks..

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