3 Years of Blogging | How I got started

Such a thrilling day it is… this very same day 3 years back, I finally gave blogging a kick start. Yes! Today Makeupmagique turns 3!! I never thought of being a blogger, it’s so much fun to see how things unfold and how the universe helps you find your way. Over this period of time, I have experienced so many emotions… there have been so many disappointments and setbacks but at the same time a lot of fun, joy, and vigor. My journey so far as a blogger has definitely been a roller coaster ride and I am more than happy to share it with you all.


How I got started?

Back in 2012, I started working as a Telecom Engineer, I definitely loved my job and it was a great learning experience… In 2013, I switched to Software and it was even better!! Thrilling and exciting… I was quite happy and content. During that time I was getting married and like any other bride-to-be, I started exploring the world of beauty and makeup… Beauty blogs became my favorite subject and watching makeup tutorials was next level happiness.

In 2014, My love for reading beauty blogs and watching Makeup Videos did not fade away and I so liked the idea of sharing your passion with the online community. At that time, I was less into makeup and more into nail art; so I thought why not start with a Facebook page… It was thrilling to share my nail art pictures with you all. My page then was called Manicure Magique (which is now Makeupmagique). Long story short, it was all good and I was enjoying the idea. Starting a blog was a next level thing and only a dream which would have remained unfolded if my husband wouldn’t have pushed me to pursue it.

In 2015… This day! 2nd January… My blog was finally in form and my very FIRST POST went live. Until this day, my love for blogging has only grown. I finally decide to be a full-time blogger and youtuber in February 2017.


A Final Word

What started as a mere hobby would never have become my full-time passion and profession without the love and support of each one of you. Makeupmagique has crossed 400,000 viewers and each one of you remain important and valuable. I would love to make this platform your one-stop destination for all your beauty queries, tips, and Ideas. You can feel free to drop your questions/ suggestions/ comments and I would love to hear from you.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Mrinal says:

    Wow dear this is amazing! Hope you get more and morr successful! ❤

  2. You have always been wonderful, sincere and top notch in your blogging sphere. I wish you more success and love in future ?

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Thank You Nisha 🙂

  3. This is really amazing… Infact i was into blogging like this… Wish you much more success in future…

  4. I can feel the emotions u have today, congratulations to u and wish u more years of success.

  5. Riyanka Upadhayay says:

    First of all congratulations for 3 years of blogging. Your story is inspiring to new bloggers or who want to be a blogger.

  6. Hey congratulations for such an awesome blog, I feel happy that you took up what you loved the most! All the best!

  7. Congratulations for this Lovely milestone ..May the future hold many more success for you.

  8. Papri Ganguly says:

    Wow, congrats dear. Such heartfelt words. I can relate you. Keep on good works.

  9. You’ve come a long way girl, more power and congratulations to you!

  10. That is surely an accomplishment dear. I am glad that you succeeded with your decision. Keep growing like this.

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