Tips to Apply Liquid Eyeshadow

I am so obsessed with eyeshadows these days! Eyeshadow palettes never seize to mesmerize me and how badly I wish to grab every good palette I come across. Not only pressed eyeshadows, but even liquid and cream ones. When I first got a chance to try liquid eyeshadows, I knew they are going to be super useful and handy for the fact, they are quick and easy to apply and last much longer than usual eyeshadows.

Now if you have already used these before, you would know, their application isn’t as easy as it seems. And for those who haven’t yet tried them on, let me share the difficulties I faced…

  • They dry quickly due to which blending is a problem
  • They tend to crease
  • The application can be a bit patchy

After a number of hit and trials, I found a few tips and tricks for easy and perfect liquid eyeshadow application, these tips really work well for me and don’t need much time, effort or skills…

  1. Ditch the primer – Though I always encourage the use of eyeshadow primer prior you do your eye makeup, but in case of liquid eyeshadows, I find it best to skip this step. With the primer coming in, the liquid eyeshadow cannot stick to the lid, the primer beneath makes it move and hence crease. Applying the product straight onto the eyelids would help the shadow adhere better.
  2. Be Quick – As soon as you have the first layer on, be quick with blending because the product tends to dry quickly and after that, blending is absolutely not possible!
  3. Use Fingers for Blending – I am not very comfortable using my hands while doing my makeup but for liquid eyeshadow, I don’t have a better option! The warmth of the fingers helps melt the product and keeps it from drying.
  4. Be Patient – One layer at a time! Blend the edges when you wear the first layer, let it dry completely before you move on to the next one.


If you have any special tips and tricks that work best for liquid eyeshadow application, do share it in the comments section below!

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  1. I was unaware of about this .. thanks for sharing this knowledge

  2. Oh great, thanks for sharing this hack. Had no idea about this one.

  3. Papri Ganguly says:

    I have never tried liquid eye shadows but after your awesome tips I eager to give them a Try.

  4. SHEETAL DORBY says:

    I would love to try liquid eyeliner now ? was very skeptical before , thanks for sharing

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