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I have recently developed a fondness for skincare and trust me it’s fun! I have been diligently following my morning and evening skincare routines for a few months now and I can actually see the good it has done. Not only the visible effects, but the whole idea of indulging in self-pampering sessions like skincare, manicure, hair care brings in a huge amount of feel-good factor. Some of the products have made it to my top skincare favorites and I definitely had to share them with you all.

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Mine is a combinational skin, the products listed below have worked really well for me over the past couple of months. I am listing the products in the order of use, that way you’ll also get an idea about my routine.


Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle Scrub

Everything about this scrub makes it a must-have for me. I like to exfoliate my skin once or twice a week, what is really great about this scrub is that it’s gentle, at the same time super effective. It doesn’t feel like something coarse and harsh rubbing against the skin, the texture is quite mild and feels very comfortable, but at the same time, it leaves your skin feeling really soft and clean. Also, it contains Glycolic Acid which helps visibly reduce acne, you can read the detailed review HERE.

Price: $13.75 for 113 mL

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Mamonde Petal Spa Rose Cleanser

The oil to foam cleanser from Mamonde is super effective in getting rid of dirt, oil, and makeup without overdrying. You may already know, I love rose scented products and am always reaching out for products with rose as its main ingredient.  Needless to say, the gentle rose fragrance adds a luxurious feel and the results are nothing but fresh, hydrated and clean skin.

Please Note, this isn’t the actual product packaging, it’s a sample I received at their launch, this tiny bottle itself lasted for more than a month 😀

Price: $21 for 175 mL

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B.liv Off With Those Heads Sebum Gel

Blackheads are the most detested skin concerns and I like to keep a check on them in my daily routine. The b.liv off with those heads sebum gel helps unclog pores and effectively removes blackheads and whiteheads, regular use prevents them from reappearing. I like to apply it only on the nose, and let it take a minute or so to get absorbed completely before I move on to the next step. You can read a detailed review of this product HERE.

Price: $35 for 15 mL

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Sephora Rose Moisturizing Cream

For my combinational skin, I like to wear moisturizers that are water-based and don’t feel very heavy on the skin. My current obsession is the rose moisturizing cream from Sephora. It has a very soft rose fragrance, nothing over empowering. This along with the Mamonde Rose cleanser makes the best duo.

Price: $8 for 55 mL

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