Nail Arts To Try this Spring

I couldn’t hold myself back from trying spring nails already!! Although the weather here in New York is still very cold (6-8°C), I have already started to enjoy sunny days and cherry blossoms through my nails. Florals, any day is my favorite… if you too enjoy them, here are 3 looks to try 😀

Hand-Painted Florals

If you have an artistic hand, you will definitely enjoy doing this one. One needs to have a steady hand for hand painted nail art, for those who aren’t sure, I have simpler options following up. For hand-painted designs like this one, I like to use acrylic paints instead of regular polishes for a more pigmented design in one stroke and also because, with acrylics, you can easily scrape off your mistakes.


Chrome Foiled Florals

I love metallic finish nails!! Adding a touch of foiled effect can instantly add glamour to your nails… hence, a little box of foil flakes is a must! The ones used here are from Sparkle and Co. the video linked below will show you how I placed them. Talking of the floral pattern, it’s a very simple technique, you wouldn’t really require a lot of skills to be able to achieve this look, unlike the one listed above.

floral nails_min

Stamping Nail Art – Glitter + Florals

This one is the simplest of all! I absolutely love nail stamping… it’s the most fun and easy way to create intriguing nail designs. Unfortunately not every nail polish works well in this technique, you need to use stamping polishes to get the desired crisp and clear image. I have used beautybigbang stamping polish and it worked really well. You can use my discount code DEEPIKA10 to avail discount on products at

floral glitter stamping-min

Which of these is your favorite? Which one are you trying next?? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I love the glitter and florals one – it looks super pretty.

  2. Not really into Nail art. But this post just made it fascinating for me. ?

  3. Dipika, you are an amazing artist I must say..these florals and glitters combinations have given such an amazing look this spring.

  4. Mrinal says:

    Spring is my favourite season only due to the floral and happy vibes and I am getting them seeing the nail art! It’s beautiful!

  5. Joshita JJ says:

    Chrome foiled florals has to be my favorite. I love the colors and it is perfect for Spring!

  6. Nail art is indeed very interesting! I love designs and prints on the review

  7. Such lovely designs . I enjoyed the tutorials too.. You make it seem doable 🙂

  8. Loved your tutorials and the shades used in stamping nail art. Beautiful

  9. Papri Ganguly says:

    I love floral print on nail. It looks so intricate and elegant. Love your tutorial

  10. I loved the stamping one… Look supa cool

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