Summer Wedding Makeup TIPS

Summers aren’t the best time of the year for most of us… and summer weddings bring along never-ending makeup and outfit concerns! If you have a summer wedding coming up and the heat is already boggling up your mind, let me share with you some useful makeup tips to ease down the tension a bit.

Here are some makeup tips which you probably ignore, that will help your makeup last all day long even on a hot sunny day.

Tip 1: Prep & Prime

It’s really essential to prepare your skin well for the makeup you’d be wearing… I see many people ignore this step, while it’s one of the most important ones. This not only helps give a flawless finish to your makeup but also keeps it in place all day! Especially in summers, the skin tends to get oily and it can be very easy for the foundation to slide off.

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Tip 2: Set Foundation

Once you apply your foundation and concealer, don’t forget to set it with a compact. By that I mean, apply a thin layer of compact all over the face with a big fat fluffy brush, this will help lock the products used underneath and also control any oil that may appear later.

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Tip 3: Bake

I can swear by this step! Here you need to place some loose powder in the under eye area and let it sit for about 10 minutes after which dust it off with a powder brush. Baking helps give a beautiful flawless finish, brightens the under eye area and also prevents concealer from creasing.

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In the tutorial below, you easily learn how to bake.

Tip 4: Setting Spray

Never underestimate the power of a setting spray! Especially for special occasions, make sure not to omit this step. A setting spray helps lock your makeup in place, takes away any powderiness and also binds everything together for a beautiful finish. An important point to consider, if you have oily skin or large pores, opt for a matte finish or oil control setting spray.

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Hope you find these tips useful, feel free to get in touch for any makeup/ beauty concerens 🙂

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  1. Summer for me means runny makeup! These tips are quite helpful! Never prepd and primed my skin before, now I really should

  2. Amazing and beautiful post. Very useful and beneficial tips for makeup looks. Great thought.

  3. Really very beneficial tips.. beautiful post.. moreover your eyes! ??

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