Simple + Effective Hair Care Tips

Healthy happy hair demand care and attention… not necessarily an elaborated extravagant routines but simple tips too can be largely effective. Sharing some of my everyday hair care tips which are affordable, easy and super effective.

hair care tips

1. Oiling

No matter what your hair texture may be, oiling can always help improve hair quality. Now you can choose a hair oil that works best for you, for me, I keep switching between Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. A good warm oil head massage accelerates hair growth and adds shine. I like to oil my hair once a week, doing this too often makes my scalp oily… make sure you know your hair texture and behavior well.

2. Shampoo + Conditioner

You can’t just pick any shampoo and expect it to be friends with your mane! It’s important to know your scalp and hair texture, you could try out a few travel size shampoo bottles and see what works best. I have slightly oily scalp, but my hair easily tends to become dry, conditioning shampoos sometimes make my hair look flat, whereas the ones for oily hair make them look like dried grass! So I like to use a shampoo that can take away the excess oil from the scalp at the same time add moisture to the length. My current favorite is Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo with Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Extracts.

3. Hair Mask

A good hair mask is a must-have! Regular use helps make hair more manageable… I like to use a hair mask once a week after shampoo (with no conditioner or prior oiling) let it sit for a minute or so and rinse off thoroughly. My current favorite is Garnier Fructis Smoothing 1 Minute Hair Mask. It’s quick and makes my hair super smooth and manageable.

4. Hair Towel

Do invest in a good hair towel!! Wrapping your hair in a hair towel after a wash really helps cut down drying time and reduces frizz to a great extent, which also means you reduce the use of hair dryers. Hair towels or wraps are much softer and lighter than regular towels, hence more gentle on your hair. You could even use a T-Shirt in place of a hair towel. I am currently using Aquis and loving it.

5. Tie Hair while going to bed

I have noticed a huge amount of hair fall control ever since I have started tieing my hair while going to bed. If it feels uncomfortable, you could make a high bun or a braid… Make sure to use soft cloth rubber bands.

6. Shower Filters

Most of the areas have water supply which is unfit for the hair and in turn, causes a lot of hair damage. Using a shower filter can help protect your hair from harshly treated water.

7. Wide Tooth Comb

I have been using wide tooth combs for years and love them! They are super gentle and helps untangle hair without causing breakage. A good quality comb doesn’t feel scratchy, in fact, has a massaging effect on the scalp.

8. Hair care on a windy day

It may seem all dreamy and filmy to have your hair swinging on a windy day… but trust can be really damaging!! Consider wearing a cap, or maybe wrap up a scarf, or make a bun.. if nothing else, a braid or a ponytail can be of much good.

Do give these simple tips a try and let me know how they turned out for you!!

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