Travel Beauty Checklist

Summers are the time for memorable vacations and being out in the sun soaking in all the fun you can! Just to make sure you have all your beauty essentials packed, here is a quick checklist.

1. Body Mist
You want to smell good while binging on the delicacies and admiring the view of your vacation destination, A few sprays of body mist after a shower can keep you fresh all day long. A bonus tip, using a mist after applying body lotion helps the effect last even longer.

2. Blackhead removal gel
Never neglect skincare even on the busiest day. During summers, skin tends to get more oily than usual, causing clogged pores and blackheads… of course a vacation isn’t the place for elaborated face masks or facials, which is why I love using the b.liv blackhead removal sebum gel, which works on keeping the pores clean and blackhead free while you are busy having fun.

3. Moisturizer
Keeping skin well moisturized is another important point to keep in mind. My combinational skin loves Sunday Riley water cream.

4. Body butter
A small tub of body butter can be of much use. I love to use a small amount to massage my tired feet at the end of the day or a quick hand massage to relieve those dry hands. Keeping a body butter handy can be useful for a variety of purposes. Body shop body butters are great and they have a huge variety to choose from.

5. Dry shampoo
Though it’s best to wash your hair frequently during summers to keep oily scalp at bay… but I understand, vacations also mean early breakfast buffets which can practically leave you no time to wash your hair. This is when you would wanna reach out for a dry shampoo. I am currently trying the OUAI dry shampoo, it isn’t really my favorite so far… you could check out Sephora, try a few brands and see what works best for you.

Hope this quick little checklist turns out to be useful for you… Stay tuned for more travel beauty blogs!!


  1. Ruchi Verma says:

    Perfect list for travel I will make sure that pick up all this in my travelling kit

  2. A dry shampoo is something I can’t travel without. Bad hair day can totally ruins my day. Loved the pictures ?

  3. These are pretty much my essentials too. Love your flatlays!

  4. That’s a crisp and helpful list. I really need to get one dry hair shampoo. Will try the brand that you mentioned.

  5. These products are really essential while travelling. I can very well relate to using dry shampoos mostly while travelling to places with windy climatic conditions.

  6. ADITI CHIB says:

    Like your travel list. Well written article. Black head removal is something new to me in list.

  7. Minakshi Bajpai says:

    Thanks for sharing your travel essentials. Mine is quite simple I just carry face wash, BB cream, kajal and lipsticks

  8. Nice checklist! Fry shampoo remains my favourite of all. Try a different brand and it might work for you.

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