Quick & Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice and elaborated dressing up session (me for sure!)… but when practicality strikes, you find yourself running short of time! I have often encountered situations where I am willing to spend some good time and effort getting dressed up for an occasion, but end up rushing through the process… If that sounds relatable to you, here is a quick and easy makeup tutorial which can add glamour to your look in no time!

Glam Makeup Tutorial

Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial

I have used some of my favorite K-Beauty products here… A few months back I attended the grand opening of Club Clio in NYC, where I was introduced to a varity of Korean brands, Needless to say, these products exceeded my expectations! If you are in NYC, I would highly recommend you to visit their store. Address listed below

Club Clio

11 W 14th St,

New York, NY 10011

Or, you could visit their website too, but there is always something special about walking down the makeup aisles!

Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial-1

Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial-2

Products Used


Kokie Cosmetics HD Foundation

Technic Cosmetics Contour Palette

MAC Studio Fix

Profusion Blush Palette

MAC Highlighting Powder


Profusion Eyeshadow Primer

Clio Pro Layering Eyeshadow Palette

PeriPera Jewel Pot – Twinkle Golden Brown

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara (View Detailed Review)

Ariana Lashes – Khloe (View Detailed Review)


Contour Cosmetics Lips Liner – Juju

We Cosmetics Ever Liquid Lipstick – 12 Teide Rosewood (View Detailed Review)

Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial-3

Some more party makeup tutorials listed below, you can always have a look and see what works best for you! Like always, I enjoy reading your comments and queries… feel free to write to me!



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