5 Tips for a Productive Week #mondaymotivation

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It’s actually been a while since I sat down to write a blog post… It feels great to be back here. If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube, you would know, I am spending more time creating content out there but I totally feel charged and motivated to be more regular with some exciting blogs. As you would already tell, today’s blog is different from what I usually post, and that is because I feel the urge to share a few self-help tips that have worked well for me since years and could be helpful for you too.

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Dedicating Mondays to some motivation, let’s get started with 5 tips that can really help you gear up for the upcoming week and be more productive.

Tip #1

Sunday Night = Planning time

This one is my favorite and I bet, super effective! I always like to plan my week on a Sunday night so that I am absolutely clear about what’s in store for the next five days and this eventually also helps me calm down and feel a lot more sorted. 


Get your weekend chores done about half an hour before you go to bed on a Sunday night, sit down with a pen and paper… To make things fancy and self-indulgent, play some classical music, light a little candle or grab some green tea (Oh so relaxing!)  

Divide the paper into 5 columns, each holding a weekday. You can also include the weekend and let your planner be 7 columns wide, I just like to be easy during the weekends and strict with my plans during the weekend hence I give myself the leverage to skip a schedule for the weekend.

Apart from priorities, you could also add in important deadlines or events for each day. This doesn’t have to be super descriptive, the idea is to have all the important tasks/ events readily available at a glance.


A quick and clear glance at the week pre-scheduled definitely helps save a lot of time planning each day!

Tip #2

Feed in Motivation

I am always in for a high dose of motivation. Even if you are highly charged and self-motivated all the time, you still need to make sure you have your required dose of ‘the good stuff’ at least once a week because hey! Motivation doesn’t last for a very long time, nor does a bath… and that’s why I insist you pour in some good, happy, positive words in that ‘always up to some mischief’ brain of yours!


 I like to listen to motivational videos or read books. Sometimes uplifting music also helps…


Pouring in some motivational words especially on a Sunday night definitely helps boost in confidence and trigger high energy in you which makes your dreams look achievable no matter how big or far they may be. This, in turn, helps you perform better in the upcoming week.

Tip #3

Get Ready to wake up early

Early mornings are my absolute favorite! There is something magical about this time of the day that helps get things done better and faster.


I personally love to get up at 4 am and there is no better way to do this unless I have absolute clarity of what I need to do in those early 2-3 hours of the day. So what you can do is, write down what all needs to be taken care of, first thing in the morning. Set up your alarm, sleep with a happy mind and very important, be thrilled by the idea! 

I can go on and on forever with tips and tricks on how to be a morning person, maybe we should take that up in my next blog or a YouTube video?!


A lot of things get done when you get up early than usual hence giving you more time in hand. The day seems to be longer and you could practically take out time for things that have been stuck in your to-do list since forever! And as per my own experience, It definitely helps you be in a happy state of mind.

Tip #4

Track Your Progress

Set aside time every night before going to bed to go through your progress. This time could be as short or long as you want it to be. But we definitely don’t want it to be a lengthy process that you happen to skip it on a tired day, Just a quick 5-10 minutes review time should be good.


Keeping your planner and a pen on the bedside table can help you be regular with the process. At the end of each day, quickly evaluate what all was taken care of if something needs to be added/ modified in the next day’s task list. You could also rate your day on a scale of 0-5 in terms of productivity!


These little steps are a way of self-acknowledgment which definitely helps you stay motivated. When something on the list gets done, that surely feels great and when something needs to be pushed on to the next day, that’s okay too, at least you are clear about what needs to be taken care of the following day!

Tip #5

Sweet Little Self Rewards

This is the best part of the exercise… Rewards always feel good and you must not ignore that! You definitely need to be rewarded for all the good habits you develop or even work on!


This is the creative part… you could reward yourself with a “rule-free + longer sleep” weekend like I do… or you could have a nice little coffee date with yourself or a friend/spouse on a Friday evening or simply self-indulgent bubble bath! This part is totally your call depending upon what thrills you.


Rewarding yourself is a great way to incorporate self-motivation, make the whole exercise fun and also helps you push your limits!

I hope those were good and useful tips!! I am excited to share more such posts in future, as of now, I will be back with another #motivationmonday next week! Feel free to drop in your requests/ thoughts down below in the description box!

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