How To Be a Morning Person

Early Mornings…oh… I love them! There is something so magical and satisfying during those early hours of the day that I am always drawn towards experiencing. It has of course not always been easy for me to get up early in spite of me being a morning person… A few tips definitely helped me when the zeal to be up and awake early just flew out of the window! Just before I proceed, My previous post from the #mondaymotivation series was 5 Tips for a Productive Week, do have a look.

Tip #1

Prepare a Morning Routine

You need to make prior preparations to tune your mind and body for those early hours… The first and foremost point to consider is to have a morning routine ready for you so that when the alarm rings, your mind doesn’t walk you up to sleep. If you have a list of things ready for you to work on, you can easily convince yourself out of the early morning laziness.

Tip #2

Create Excitement

The idea to rise before the sun surely sounds ‘so proper’ but unfortunately all of the healthy stuff ain’t exciting always so why not deceive your mind and create an excitement?! I like to do simple things like, get myself some new teas or coffee, or maybe some early morning snack. Sometimes a new morning routine is exciting or working on the thing you love the most can do the job… The idea is to think of some exciting things that you can do early morning so that this becomes a fun and therefore self-driven exercise rather than something you ‘should’ be doing.

Tip #3

Go to Bed on Time

Let’s be realistic, you cannot expect yourself to be up early if you are sleeping late… both the mind and body demand rest which you must provide. Ensure that you are getting at least 6 hours of sleep and plan your bedtime accordingly.

Tip #4

Keep a Robe in Reach

This tip is especially for winter mornings when the warmth of a duvet feels like a trap from which it’s just so impossible to leave… having a warm robe at an arm’s distance, maybe on the floor, can be of real help here. As soon as the alarm rings and you come out of your cozy bedding, the robe will save you from the shivers and therefore from sneaking back in.

Tip #5

No Snooze Button

If possible, deactivated the snooze button on whatever device you use to set your morning alarm on or simply commit to not hitting that little devil at all!

Tip #6


Never forget to reward yourself even for the simplest and the smallest effort you make towards betterment. Set a timeframe of 15 days or 40 days  (depending upon what works best for you) and set a reward for yourself at the end of the set time period of getting up early every day. If you happen to miss a day, start all over again. Maybe at the end of the timeframe, you can gift yourself that lipstick that you have been keeping an eye on your every visit to Sephora 🙂

I am thrilled to know what you think and if these tips were of any use to you!! Do share in your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Anjali says:

    nice article… rewarding oneself sounds exictimg… definately try this one….

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      I am glad you enjoyed 🙂 Yes rewarding feels great! It adds a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Interesting points.. I have to try these as i want to shift to being a morning person too ☺️

  3. that is really motivating and interesting point. yes, it is very difficult to rise early in the morning but it is not impossible.

  4. Great tips for night owls to convert to becoming morning persons!I am thankfully an early riser since childhood.

  5. Ruchi says:

    This is actually motivating as sometimes I feel lazy to get up early in the morning

  6. Rewarding is such a cool idea. I’m a morning person and my 15 Mon workout followed by green tea keeps me energised daily for a beautiful start.

  7. These points are not less than a checklist for me ? thank you for sharing

  8. These are some great tips as an incentive to get up early in the morning.

  9. No snooze button is for me as I keep on doing same to excise not to get up early

  10. I have recently started getting up early in the morning, and truly happy morning makes the day utilize in best way possible.

  11. Thanks for motivation, I love the way u described snooze button its really a devil which makes me lazy and delayed my work.

  12. Great tips to be fresh and healthy in the morning. The problem with me is that I don’t sleep on time and it leads to all other problems. I guess I have to start rewarding tip you shared to change my habits.

  13. Really we need to be. Nice article. Loved to read it.

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      Thank You so much 🙂

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