Beginners Makeup Guide (IN BUDGET) – PART 1

The other day I was remembering the old days when I had just started to apply makeup…My collection had only a few colored eyeliners and one or two lip glosses. I have always been so fond of colored eyeliners! When I started blogging, the idea was to make makeup application easy, doable and simple for everyone… even today, after being in the beauty industry professionally for more than 3 years, I love going back to basics. If you are just getting started with your makeup journey, or… are inclined towards makeup but don’t know where to start from, this is the place for you!! I have picked some of my favorite affordable products because I totally get it… nobody wants to spend a lot of money on something they have just started exploring… Have been there ♥


For ease, I have divided this topic into two parts, the first part is going to be the fundamentals… mainly for those who haven’t ever worn makeup. The second part will be covering a step further.

This is all you would need to get the party started!

1. Compact


A compact or a pressed powder is going to help you get a flawless, even-toned skin (without a foundation). One of my favorites is the Maybelline Super Fresh Compact. This really helps take away excess oil from the face and gives sheer-to-medium coverage. It’s a perfect everyday wear! I like to use a fluffy brush to spread the product all over my face but you can also use the sponge applicator that is included in the packaging (though I love using a brush).

2. Contour Palette


A contour palette consists of a brown pigmented product for contouring (meaning, to sculpt and add definition to the hollows of the face), a blush and a highlighter. I am literally obsessed with the Maybelline Master Contour Palette I also like to use the trio on my eyes often. The packaging comes with a really useful picture tutorial at the back making it really easy to use.

3. Eye Pencils


Eye pencils are the most convenient way to do your eyes. I feel liquid lines still need precision and practice but with pencils, you can still be at ease. You can use it as a liner to define the lids or smudge it slightly for a soft smoky eye look. Some of my favorites are Sephora 12 Hr wear and Lakme Eyeconic Eye Pencils.

4. Mascara


A mascara makes a lot of difference. Even if you do no eye makeup at all and just put on some mascara, you are sorted! I have a number of favorites like Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara, Catrice Rock Couture Mascara or Kokie Length & Volume Mascara.

5. Lipbalms/ Lip Oils


Applying lipsticks can be a bit intimidating for someone who has never worn makeup. If you feel comfortable, you can go in for some neutral lipsticks, I shared a post some time back on 5 Everyday Affordable Lipsticks or you could consider trying tinted lip balms or lip oils. They add a slight natural tint which helps brighten up the overall look without really giving the look of a lipstick or a lip gloss.

Makeup Storage & Other Tips

It’s really important that you have your makeup stored neatly to prevent palettes from braking and better life of your products.

  • Avoid placing your makeup products in direct sunlight, instead, have them place in a cool dry place. I like to place my makeup in drawers or closed cabinets to prevent any dust from coming in contact with the products.
  • You could use zipper pouches or invest in some trendy organizers which you can find online HERE.
  • Keep an eye on the expiry of each product, especially mascaras.
  • Clean your makeup tools every month to prevent allergies or breakouts.
  • Avoid sharing products to prevent allergies.

So that was it for today’s post. In the next part I will be going a step further and talking about foundations, eyeshadows, concealers, primers and eyebrow products. I hope you found this useful.. Feel free to pour in tour thoughts below.


  1. Since I started wearing makeup till this day a tinted lip balm has always been my staple. It is the best thing and easiest to use for a novice and it makes you put together even though you barely have much. Loved your guide for beginners, Deepika.

  2. All the products are appealing. You have provided some great do’s and don’ts for the specific items. I love lip balms

  3. Wearing makeup is an art and it definitely has certain Do’s and don’ts . Your article is very helpful for the girls who are just starting with makeup. Great job. Lovely pictures.

  4. What a lovely make up guide this is, perfect for someone like me. I love kohl and lipsticks, eyes makeup and foundation is something I still have to learn.

  5. It’s the perfect guide to anyone who are just into makeup and want to curate their initial makeup vanity. Very nicely you have written all possible things.

  6. Thanks for this guide as I’m in this beginners category. I just use mascara and eyeliner. A contour palette sounds good to me.

  7. One of my friends is a big fan of make up and she is always looking for some interesting blogs like these she is surely going to love this piece, thank you for sharing

  8. Papri says:

    I love maybelline products for its affordable pricing and wide availability. These tips are really helpful for beginners

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