Makeup for Gym under 5 minutes

It always takes me a lot of will and self-motivation to talk myself out of the laziness that seems to creep in from nowhere right 30 minutes before my scheduled gym timing… (let me know in the comments below if you can relate!) And while I am done kicking off the lazy, but loud enough noise in me that pushes me to procrastinate yet another session, I am left with not much time to get ready.

Dealing with constant rush has helped me keep a quick little 5 minutes makeup routine that helps me look more put together and presentable, yet not over the top at the gym.

Here is a walk through my simple 5-Minute Gym Makeup Routine!


I like to use a light coverage BB or CC cream, something to add an even finish to the skin, though coverage isn’t a big deal, the idea is to make the skin look healthy.

For occasions like these, I always reach out for PeriPera Blur Pang CC Cream, just a tiny little drop is all you need with this product. It adds an even texture and also provides SPF along with moisturization. Looks absolutely natural but definitely steps up the skin quality.


A multi-stick comes handy when in rush. Great for lips, cheeks and eyes.

My emergency savior is the Bite Beauty multi-stick in the shade Praline. Apart from lips, I use my fingers to apply it on the cheeks and eyelids for some overall warmth and dimension. Though any lipstick can be used as a multistick, I personally like the texture of these.


Can’t step out without liner and bold lashes!

After rubbing a bit of Bite Beauty – Praline over the eyelids, I like to define the eye shape with a brown liquid liner (instead of black for a more softer look), make sure to use a product that doesn’t smudge easily with sweat… I like to use Kill Brown Liquid liner from Clio.

And for a final touch, some generous coats of your favourite mascara! I have been quite fond of the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara these days.

All these steps take not more than 5 minutes and are an effortless way of looking more presentable and put together!

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  1. Zainab Travadi says:

    When it comes to keeping makeup on your face at the gym, it’s all about the products we choose. I love the fact that this is very simple and quick.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    This is a very useful guide for people who like to wear makeup to work out. Personally, I prefer to go completely make-up free when I exercise.

  3. This is the perfect gym makeup look. I love how minimal You have put that.. Simple yet beautiful. This is like a no make up makeup look.

  4. These are some simple and easy tips. I just prefer some moisturizer and a kajal maybe.. but good for people who are make up lover 🙂

  5. I so loved this blog, I am definitely bookmarking this one right away, thank you for sharing this amazing bit, and must say, this makeup look of yours is just damn perfect

  6. Cool post! I generally go to gym without any makeup. Since the post talks about 5-mins hack, I don’t mind trying it next time.

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