Top 10 Lip Balm Hacks You Need to Know

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Fourorganics.

A good organic lip balm can actually prove to be of much more use than just to cure chapped lips. The FOUR organic lip balms are made up of Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Peppermint Oil; NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TOXIC CHEMICALS & NO ANIMAL TESTING. That’s why I like to have them handy always and use them safely on the skin. Here are some of the ways you can get creative with your simple lip balms… but first, make sure they have safe ingredients and are free of harmful ingredients.

Hack #1

Tame Eyebrows

This is one of the most handy beauty hack, especially when you are out and short of products or tools. You could run a little lip balm over your brows, brush them lightly with your finger nails and you have effortlessly groomed brows in no time.

Hack #2

Tame Flyaway Hair

A bad hair day or static charge can have your hair go their own way, which is undoubtedly annoying! You could swipe your finger over the lip balm and use it to gently smooth flyaway hair back into place.

Hack #3

Heal Dry Patchy Skin

One of the major winter side effect is dry flaky skin, I especially face this around the nose and it can get really bad if not addressed on time. A quick little lip balm massage on the target area can be really relaxing. Four Organics lip balms have beeswax and jojoba oil which really help in effectively curing dry flaky skin.

Hack #4

Soften Cuticles or Knuckles

I often develop dry knuckles and cuticles during winters, which if left unattended can even lead to painful cracked skin! Something that works for me all the very time is applying lip balm over the affected area and this helps not only provide instant relief but also softens and heals the skin in no time

Hack #5

Under Eye treatment

Sometimes the area under the eyes feels dry in the morning, a safe and organic lip balm can really help relieve and soothe the skin. Also, while travelling this can be a handy little tip to replace your eye creams.

Hack #6

Correct makeup mistakes

This one is surely going to be a savior if you have shaky hands and tend to smear your eyeliner or mascara during application. Running the lip balm over your makeup mistakes and then wiping it off with a Q-tip is a useful little cheat coat for perfect makeup!

Hack #7

Prevent Shoe Blisters

New Shoes?? Watch out for those uncomfortable blisters! Sometimes ill-fitted shoes too can cause blisters and irritation due to constant rubbing. You could apply a layer of lip balm to the area and this will surely minimize the friction and keep blisters at bay!

Hack #8

Keep Fragrances from Fading

It’s annoying to put-on your favorite new perfume and have it fade away in no time… applying a thin layer of lip balm on the skin prior to spraying the perfume can help trap the fragrance and make it last much longer!

Hack #9

Prevent Wind Burn

If you have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by harsh winds, you absolutely need NO expensive creams! Just run your lip balm over the cheeks while heading out, this will act as a good protective layer and you’ll be back home with no wind burn!

Hack #10

Unstuck zip

Backpacks, jackets or jeans can give you a tough time if the zip gets stuck… Apply lip balm gently on both sides of the zipper for some lubrication. This is one of my favourite hacks!

Hope you found this post useful, let me know your favorite hack in the comments below!


  1. All the remaining work well for me except the hair one it becomes sticky.

  2. I so agree with all the points you have mentioned here. And in fact, I have used lip balm for quite a lot of points you have shared. Especially the dry skin around the nose and upper cheeks.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Oh wow I had no idea a simple lip balm could be so useful in so many different ways! I am especially impressed with the zipper hack!

  4. I used a lip balm only to apply on lips till now. Never knew that they have such multiple uses! The cuticle tip is awesome and I’m going to use it for sure.

  5. I am a lipbalm addicted person.. I do use to hydrate my lips and also use those as cuticle dip and sometimes as highlighter too. Great pics..

  6. I absolutely loved your post! I always used a lip balm for hydrating lips or sometimes, skin! But these multiple uses that you’ve shared are incredible, I’m bookmarking it and implementing these usages 🙂

  7. I am a sucker for lip balms and didn’t know a few of the hacks you have mentioned. Thanks so much for sharing and must say that lip balms are so useful for many beauty needs.

  8. Woah.. these are some fabulous hacks. I wasn’t aware of the soften cuticles one. Thanks for sharing this fab post. A simple lip balm is so useful. I always used it to hydrate my chapped lips.

  9. These are some great and useful hacks for organic lip balms. Have used them on eyebrows, would like to try some of the other hacks that you have mentioned too.

  10. jhilmildsaha says:

    These are some awesome lip balm hacks, thanks for sharing these. I did not know that they can prevent shoe blisters as well.

  11. There are so many new things that I learned from your post today. Thank you very much for writing such an informative article.

  12. oh gosh.. you just made these hacks so bookmarkable. I will implement these surely. Didn’t even think of these hacks in my wildest dreams.

  13. Wow! I didn’t even know about these hacks. These are really helpful and easy to do too. I am surely trying them.

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