I Tried Aloe-Based Acne Kit

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Lexli

I have always had acne prone skin and Aloe vera has been one of the wonder ingredients to help me clear out acne. With the changing season, I often notice acne coming back which definitely requires a lot of attention. Something that I have been using lately is the Lexli Acne Kit which is an aloe vera based skincare that helps cure breakouts and improves the appearance of the skin. And since it contains aloe vera, I of course wanted to give it a try.

What I also like about the acne kit is that it comes with a complete skincare combination, consisting of a cleanser, lotion, exfoliator, and moisturizer so you don’t have to worry about setting up the right combination of skincare, the kit does that for you!

Step 1

Acne Cleanser

What I Love

It’s a gentle everyday cleanser, that noticeably helps clear and clam acne.

What I don’t Love

The packaging! I feel a tub packaging is more prone to contamination. I find tubes or pump bottles more hygienic.

Also, this face wash isn’t ideal to take off your makeup. Make sure to use micellar water or any other cleanser to thoroughly clean off your makeup.

P.S: (just so you know) The product doesn’t lather up.

Step 2

Clarifying Lotion

What I love

The texture… it’s very easy to apply and gets nicely absorbed into the skin.

This is great for spot treatment of for the entire face.

What I don’t love

Super runny for a tub packaging! I would have loved to have something like this in a little bottle/tube.

Step 3


What I love

This is a very interesting product… it contains glycolic acid that helps gently exfoliate the skin and vitamin C beads that helps brighten up the overall complexion. It’s more like the real food for skin.

You could also have this alone and use it in your daily skincare routine. Gives great results!

Step 4

Sunblock Moisturizer

What I Love

I like to have moisturizers with sunblock properties, that way I do not have to layer on skincare products. This would work really well if you have oily skin, as it feels very light.

What I don’t Love

Since I have combinational skin, I feel the need of a bit more moisturization, this one feels a bit dry on me.

Overall Experience

What I love

• The kit really helps reduce acne visible within a few days of use.

• I did not notice any side effects.

• The AloeGlyC Exfoliator is my favorite part of the process. I enjoy what it does to my skin.

What I don’t love

• The packaging! I am not a big fan of tub packaging… would have loved a tube/ bottle style.

• All the products have a little medicated smell that bothers me at times.

• I do feel the need of going in for an additional moisturizer as I have combination skin and some parts of the face tend to feel dry.


Lexli Acne Kit retails for $52.99 which lasts for a month.


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