How to make your makeup last longer

There is nothing more annoying than to see your makeup run away in no time! You need not to invest in high-end expensive products to have a lasting finish, your simple everyday products can definitely do a good job. Of course, a good quality product will have a much better look and feel but in this blog I’ll share with you simple routines that can step up the game.

Tip #1

 Rubbing Ice Cubes

This quick little trick can be a savior! Ice cubes help in minimizing facial pores hence reducing oil that tends to show up througout the day. A good matte and clean skin always give a good start to your makeup application and of course helps it adhere better.

Tip #2

Primer is a MUST!

Okay now, this might be over said but it is something you cannot afford to skip if you are aiming to achieve a long-wearing makeup. Not only does a primer act as a glue between your face and the foundation, but also evens out the texture of the skin helping achieve a more flowless finish.

Tip #3

Thin Layers

This is something I absolutely swear by!! Always start with dotting less-moderate foundation all over the face, blend with a brush or makeup sponge and then repeat if you need to build up the coverage. The same works for powder products too. I love this technique for a number of reasons… Thin layering gives a much more flawless and natural finish. Thick layers can easily turn flaky and patchy in no time.

Tip #4

MAC Fix Plus

MAC fix plus is a must have!! To start with it can be a great primer, it has a tacky feel to it that really helps the makeup last longer. It also acts as a setting spray. I like to spray some of it on my damp makeup sponge and then apply my products, this helps seal every layer in place.

Tip #5

Set with Powder

Once you have all the cream products applied, use loose powder or compact to set everything in. I prefer using a fluffy brush and working in thin layers.

Tip #6

Setting Spray

A setting spray helps to lock everything in place and also adds a final finish by marrying all the layers together. Definitely, something you should start using if you aren’t already. I like to use MAC fix plus, it has been my favourite since a long time!

The tutorial for the look I am wearing has been shared below

Do try these tips and let me know how they worked for you 🙂

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