5 things you need to be ready for Fall

Spring and Fall thrill me!! Not only do they mark the onset for Summers and Winters respectively, but they also mean it’s time to play around with a new color palette all together… Be it your wardrobe or the streets in the neighborhood, everything seems to look different all of a sudden. Ever since I moved to the US (which was 2 and a half years back), I have been quite intrigued and excited about this time of the year, mainly because how beautifully the color scheme of everything (home decor, crockery, candles, outfits, makeup.. etc..etc..) is kept into consideration; Speaking of which, I bring to you 5 things that can make you ‘fall ready‘ in no time!

#1 Deep Nail Polishes

The first thing I do to celebrate absolutely anything is change my manicure (I am sure you’d known this if you’ve been around for a while now). Especially during the fall, deep plum or Burgundy shades look really flattering. I have a few favorites listed below.

Defy & Inspire – Bridezilla

Sundays – No. 24

Sundays – No. 18

Kokie Cosmetics – Fast Lane

#2 Warm Tone Eyeshadows

Not only during Autumn, warm-tone eyeshadows are a must-have for life! If you are looking for a good affordable option, Sienneas or Chocolates Patelle from Profusion can be a great pick! I personally love the siennas palette.

#3 Nude and Super Bold Lipsticks

You could either be a ‘Bold Eye-Nude lips’ or ‘Nothing on the eyes with Statement Lip’ kind of a person and why not! There isn’t just one route for beauty. I like to have both the options handy, just incase my mood changes.

Colourpop -Ultra Satin Lip ‘Magic Wand

Colourpop – Lippie Stix ‘Fab Five

#4 Scented Candles

I can already smell some warm cinnamon with a hint of vanilla as I pen this down. No better way to bring in the fall vibe than to have a few cinnamon or pumpkin scented candles sitting in your living room. When it comes to candles, I am a hoarder! I personally love cinnamon scented candles during this time, No particular brand though.

#5 Tan Coat

Tan is the new black and it’s surely a good idea to have one such coat in your wardrobe. I love wearing mine during this time and it definitely sets in the mood.

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