How I Organize, Sort & De-clutter my lipsticks

I find it so important to regularly organize and de-clutter my collection, be it makeup, clothes, shoes or bags. I find it not only calming and therapeutic but it also helps me have a closer look at all what I have and most of the time I end up meeting my new favorites! That’s the best part!

I recently organized, de-cluttered and sorted my lipstick collection (I posted about it on my Instagram Stories). I needed to do this because I was massively drawn towards the tempting Black Friday sale and deals and wanted to shop for some more lipsticks!! Something in me kept reminding me of my already over-grown collection and the only thing that seemed to pull me out of the urge to shop was to take a closer look at my existing lipsticks. The process was super useful, more than I expected it to be and here is why

  1. I got rid of the lipsticks that were expired, which in turn cleared some space in my vanity (and mind..!!)
  2. I discovered some new favorites!
  3. I had better clarity on lipsticks that were on the verge of finishing up, hence I decided to keep them at easy reach so that I finish them up sooner.
  4. Best of all… I realized I already had shades similar to the ones I was about to buy!

Now, having said that, let me show you how I achieved a more sorted vanity in 3 simple steps!


Create a swatch list

I swatched all my lipsticks into categories such as nudes, browns, peaches, pinks and bolds. These categories were decided as per my collection, yours could be completely different!

While doing so, I marked a ❤ and a ❌ against my favorites and not-so-favorites respectively. Guess what! So many lipsticks that were buried under the pile and I had forgotten about, got ❤❤ and many which were right in from of my eyes got a ❌. You see, this made me realize that most of the time we aren’t even aware of our stuff!


Part ways with the least favoutites

Once I had a clear picture about the ones I needed to let go, I then discarded off the ones that were expired, and for the ones that weren’t, I packed them away for friends and family that might like them. Some even made their way to the donation pile.


Finish up the ones reaching the finish line

For the lipsticks I love and seemed to be running out, I played them in my ‘everyday wear’ drawer, so that I use them first and finish them up sooner. Basically, these are the lipsticks I reach out for when I am going grocery shopping or heading to the post office and want to look put together.


Organize the rest

The rest of the lipsticks, both favorites, and ‘not-so-favs but I do see myself wearing them in near future’ are placed color categorically.

Let me know how you liked these tips! Also, do share your de-cluttering stories/ ideas below in the comments section!


  1. I hardly finish my lipsticks and I switch to new ones because I get bored with them. But your inspired me to finish my makeup before getting new😊

    1. Deepika Verma says:

      I am so glad you found the post useful!! <3

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