Current High-End Complexion Favs

I have been wanting to do monthly favs list since a while, but somehow with my current routine and lifestyle, the idea seemed to be too much of a commitment… so, if not every month, dropping in a crisp little list of products that have been occupying the top shelf in my vanity, seems doable. Starting off with some high end beauty products that I have been enjoying a lot since a long time now… so of them have emptied out and I do plan on buying again.

#1 Fenty Beauty Setting Powder

I haven’t always been a big fan of setting powders, simple reasons being, I feared it might end up making my makeup look too pan-cakey or maybe accentuate the dry areas in my skin. With practice, I not only learnt the best practices but also what to look for in a product to achieve desired results. A finely milled setting powder can really get in the pores and help give a beautiful air brushed finish and that’s exactly what I noticed with this particular product.

#2 MAC Studio Fix

This is my second pan and I soon see myself reaching out for the third one… I wear this many during summers and wearing it alone does it all for me. If feels light, gives good coverage and overall makes your skin look healthy. Great for touchups and on the go!

#3 Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer

Probably one of the most raved about concealers we have out there… This one gives good coverage without being too thick. I haven’t noticed it creasing and blending is a breeze!

#4 MAC Silver Dust Highlighter

I always get compliments whenever I wear this highlight. I use this as a regular highlight on the face, as an eyeshadow (and it looks beauuttiiffull) and sometimes even add a tiny bit to my moisturizer for a sheer glow. Great product to have.

I wanted to list 5 but couldn’t really thing of the fifth one. For now, I would end my list here but will make sure to keep you posted on whatever makes a hop to my list of favs. Meanwhile you can keep an eye on my next post which is a list of my drugstore favs.

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