How I Plan & Execute my Content

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One of the most frequently asked questions in my Q&A is how I create my content, what gadgets I use and how I plan my posts. I have been into content creation for over 5 years now and experience has been the biggest teacher! 

When I first started, things were definitely vague and I had no concrete plan or strategy, 5 years back there weren’t as many resources as you can find now on content creation and what goes in behind the scenes… In today’s post, I’ll share how I plan and shoot my content, and if you like I can do a separate post on all the post production details.

Planning Is The Key

This is a huge and a very important task! If your content planning is done well, the rest of the work becomes very easy and quick! I often fail to get most out of my day if I don’t have a well written plan.

For all my social media posts, I like to plan my entire month’s content in one or two days, I love using Instagram Planner and YouTube Planner from Shop Lovet Agency, it covers every area such as Vision, Checklist, Trends, Hashtag Planning, Profile Vision Board, Story Planning, Week & Month at a Glance and has definitely been a game changer in my planning process. It always makes it easier for me to pen down thoughts and have a clear vision. This also helps me to get some productive work done on days when I am feeling less driven or motivated.

Once all my content is written and envisioned, I try to film/ shoot it in 5-7 days. This takes us to the next step,

Making High Quality Content

If you are starting new and simply testing waters in the content creation world, I would suggest to start off with what ever camera you have and once you like it, or find yourself serious enough, go ahead and do invest in a good camera because end of the day a good quality content can give you so much work satisfaction.

I use 3 cameras to shoot my content, totally depends on what I am shooting and where I am.

Iphone 11pro – I absolutely love the quality of pictures and videos the camera is capable of capturing! It also gives me the ease of getting good pictures anytime, anywhere without having the need for carrying my DSLR everywhere!

Canon EOS 700D – This was the very first camera I purchased and it was definitely a game changer! All my portrait & product shoots are done with this one.

Canon G7X Mark II – Another very good purchase. I got this before I got iPhone 11 pro, it came in really handy for product shoots and for traveling, but honestly, ever since I have got my hands on the iPhone 11pro, I have stopped using this totally! (unless I am vlogging)

I hope this post proves to be useful to all those who are planning to step into this beautiful world, I would be happy to talk more about post-production if you like, let me know in the comments below!

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