What’s on my nails?!

Last night I sat with my big mug of jasmine tea, snugged in my faux fur comforter, it was about 10:15 PM, raining outside and a bit cool inside. I was comfortable in my more-than-comfortable comforter and began my twice-a-week-manicure ritual…

Kiko Milano – 66

I have had this polish on my mind for a while now, prior to this I was wearing a nude polish for 2 weeks consecutively and urgently needed a bold jolt; hence the deepest plum in my collection made an appearance!

I love autumn colors, have had this polish for over 3 years now and every year, this season it happily sits on the top of my nail polish shelves. I keep season appropriate polishes on the top shelf, and the rest hibernate in the lower ones. Surely now isn’t the time for fuchsia pinks and peppy corals; now is the time for mauves and plums and wine and earthy shades.

Kiko Milano – 66

How do you like your autumn manicure? Let me know in the comments below.

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