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Welcome to Makeupmagique!

I am Deepika Verma, the Author and Editor of this blog. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, currently living in New York, USA.

By profession, I am a Senior Software Engineer and the co-founder of a food delivery mobile application WAYFERS… blogging is more of a hobby 🙂

Blogging was on my mind for a long time, and was finally brought into picture on  2nd January 2015 (all thanks to the constant push and encouragement by my husband!).

This website is for all the make-up and nail-art lovers like me, I enjoy creating various makeup looks, reviewing new makeup products, nail art, beauty hacks etc. etc. To make the long story short, this website has all the GIRLIE stuff… 😀

I have also started creating videos on YouTube lately and would really appreciate if you, lovely audience could pour in some love there as well. You can subscribe to my channel HERE.

The reason I chose the term ‘makeupmagique’ for my website is because I feel Make-up is a form of Magical Art. For me manicure and make-up is not only a concept of grooming but is more of an “Emotional Therapy” as it brightens up my mood in a jiffy. It makes me celebrate myself!!

Apart from that,

 I am a great believer of The Law of Attraction! I read this amazing book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and that has been life transforming for me! I would encourage you all to give it a read and apply it in your day to day life!



You can contact me at worldofmakeupmagique@gmail.com for any makeup queries or PR related requests OR can send me a message on facebook and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.



  1. Hello Deepika… nice article… I used to be the fan of ur nail arts specially….. it’s really wise idea to spread the knowledge…..Kudos to u……..

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