5 Essential Makeup Tools


Right tools are prime essentials for good makeup! If you have the right tools in hand, your makeup will be effortlessly good. Let me introduce you to 5 tools, that you ought to invest in. The 5 tools that I will be addressing here, have been segregated into 2 categories – Face and Eye makeup. ESSENTIAL FACE […]

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August 2015 Makeup Favorites!!

Makeup Favorites

Hi Everyone!! Lemme walk you all through my Makeup Favorites for the month of August, these are the ones I have preferred using most of the time. 1. L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder This has been a perfect makeup base for everyday and for special occasions as I prefer light weight medium coverage base. I love […]

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5 Steps to clean your makeup brushes!

makeup brushes

Hello Everyone, Many of us probably ignore the importance of thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes regularly. Unclean makeup brushes can be really infectious and can cause much more harm that you thing. Its really advisable to clean your makeup brushes at regular intervals. I choose to do it once in every 45 days. Here are the steps […]

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How I organize my makeup!

organize makeup

Hi everyone! I thought of sharing with you all how I arrange and organize my makeup, this might give you some tips. 1. Nayasa plastic drawers These are very helpful in keeping little makeup tools / equipments in place which you generally tend to misplace and have to do without it at the hour of need. […]

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The Makeup Base Guide – Part 1

Makeup Base

Hi Everyone! This blog will be your ultimate guide to choose the right makeup base for various occasions. There comes a wide variety of makeup bases such as foundations, concealers, compacts, press powders, BB creams, CC creams and the list is endless. I’ll help you clarify all the doubts you ever had about which one […]

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