How to Remove & Store False Lashes

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In my previous post I showed you HOW TO APPLY FALSE LASHES, and in this one I shall help you remove them and store for further use.

How to remove false lashes

Removing False Lashes

One must be really careful while removing false lashes as simply pulling them may cause your original lashes to pull off along, causing pain and discomfort.

I have with me, a quick easy way of removing false lashes, for which you shall be needing

  • Tweezers
  • Q-Tips
  • Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover


All you need to do is, dip the Q-tip in makeup remover and rub it gently over your lash line. The glue would soon loose bond with the lash line and you will have your falsies removed in no time!

Storing False Lashes

If you store your lashes well, they can be used repeatedly multiple times for a longer period. The best way is to run the Q-tip drenched in makeup remover over the lash band, this will help get rid of the glue and makeup sticking.

You may now store them in the container they were initially stored or or might as well use an empty contact lens case.

The video below will give you a visual aid of the steps. How you find it useful 🙂 If you do, please subscribe!

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How to apply false lashes

How to apply false lashes

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False Lashes add the much needed drama in your makeup and you do not need to rush to a makeup expert every time you wish to wear a pair on…


Products Used

Forever21 False Lashes (Rs. 575/-)

(You can also user Ardell Lashes, they come in a variety of shapes and are available online HERE)

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Forever21 Tweezers

Hope you found the video useful 😀

How to apply false lashes

The video below will help you learn to apply false lashes all by yourself. I hope you find it useful. 😀

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5 Essential Makeup Tools


Right tools are prime essentials for good makeup! If you have the right tools in hand, your makeup will be effortlessly good. Let me introduce you to 5 tools, that you ought to invest in.

The 5 tools that I will be addressing here, have been segregated into 2 categories – Face and Eye makeup.

5 Essential Makeup Tools



Beauty Blender

A beauty blender totally changed the look and feel of my makeup base. I had tried using hands and brushes to apply liquid foundation but nothing worked as good as a beauty blender. I got mine from Forever 21 (DLF Saket), they have amazing collection of beauty blenders. I got a set of 3 beauty blenders and costed me INR 449/-.

This wonder tool gives the most natural, flawless and dewy (if used damp) finish to your foundation and I can surely swear by it!

5 Essential Makeup Tools

5 Essential Makeup Tools


Powder Brush

It’s best to apply compact or any powder product with a big fat fluffy brush, which is called a powder brush. I got mine from a local cosmetic store for INR 150/- and have seen such retractable brushes in most of the cosmetic stores. Don’t think it will be much of a problem to find one… In case you are looking for some options online I can suggest you THIS ONE.

5 Essential Makeup Tools

5 Essential Makeup Tools


Blush Brush

Blush is an important ingredient in the makeup recipe and it’s essential to get it right. It’s a good practice to use a blush brush (thinner than powder brush) for a more natural look. I have two blush brushes, one of them is unbranded and the other one is from the VEGA brushes kit which you can buy online HERE.




Eye-shadow Brushes

Eye makeup is remarked “good” if well blended. A good set of eye-shadow brushes can help you achieve this effortlessly. These set of 4 eye-shadow brushes are my all time favorite and costed me INR 275/- you can get them online HERE.



Eyelash Curler

A quick and easy way to have instant curled lashes which makes the eyes look bigger. I got mine from Clairs and costed me INR 400/-



Hope the video below proves to be helpful for you 😀

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3 Products | 3 Minutes | Makeup on the go

makeup on the go

Early mornings don’t generally leave you with enough time for dressing up! I have now chosen my car as my vanity area and that is where I do all my makeup, on my way to work. This quick 3 minutes makeup on the go requires only 3 products and not only saves time but also saves me from my husband’s constant nagging to speed up my dressing up process! 😛

makeup on the go

I am sure this quick 3 minutes makeup on the go will save you as well from the daily chivvy!

You can also check out my 5 Minutes makeup routine HERE, if you have a few more minutes to spare. 🙂

All the products used in this look are from Maybelline which you can shop from

makeup on the go

Products Used

Maybelline Fit Me Compact (Reviewed here)

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Maybelline Rebel Boutique REB-07 Lipstick (Reviewed here)

Step – 1:

I use Maybelline Fit Me Compact as a base, It comes with an applicator, you wouldn’t really have to reach out for a powder brush.

Also use it over the eyelids to avoid oily lids during the day.

Now take very little amount of REB-07 Lipstick and dab it on to your cheeks. This acts as a cream blush.

Time taken – 00:01:00

Step – 2:

Grab on the Maybelline Falsies Mascara and apply 2 coats on the upper and lower lashes. I absolutely love this mascara. It instantly adds length and volume. You will have to be careful here to avoid any sort of injury to the eye in the moving car.

Time taken – 00:01:30

Step – 3:

Now comes the final and the last step! Take out your weapon and wear it on! The lipstick I mean 😛

I use REB-07 quite often, It’s a beautiful bright pink shade and lasts all day without touch-ups 🙂 It’s a year old now and is still my favorite.

Time taken – 00:00:30

So that completes the look! You now have rest of the time to be merrily spent sight seeing and chatting 🙂

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August 2015 Makeup Favorites!!

Makeup Favorites

Hi Everyone!!

Lemme walk you all through my Makeup Favorites for the month of August, these are the ones I have preferred using most of the time.

1. L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

This has been a perfect makeup base for everyday and for special occasions as I prefer light weight medium coverage base. I love the perfect velvety matte finish it gives to the skin. But in a week or so I shall be switching back to BB creams. Its almost offset of summers and my skin has started to be less oily and more flaky on the sides of my nose and lips. Its time to put this product to hibernation, I shall now bring it back in use next summers only.

Makeup Favorites


2. Maybellin Rebel Boutique Lipstick REB-07

This perfectly pastel pink creamy-matte long lasting lipstick has come to my rescue almost every time I am in a hurry and can’t spend hours coordinating the perfect makeup look. It somehow happens to match my every outfit, all the time! I don’t have to worry about reapplying it as it stays for more than 8 hours.

Makeup Favorites


3. ‘The Nudes Palette’ by Maybelline

‘The Nudes Palette’ is so sleek and compact that I have been carrying it every time I am travelling. Its texture is smooth and easily glides on to the lids and has a lasting finish. Moreover the shades are so wearable and the look up guide at the back is a time saver! It saves me a lot of time, looking for the perfect combination.

Makeup Favorites

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5 Steps to clean your makeup brushes!

makeup brushes

Hello Everyone,

Many of us probably ignore the importance of thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes regularly.

Unclean makeup brushes can be really infectious and can cause much more harm that you thing. Its really advisable to clean your makeup brushes at regular intervals. I choose to do it once in every 45 days.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step – 1

Take  a bowl, fill it with water at  room temperature and Put 2 – 3 drops of mild shampoo in it.

Step – 2

For, Lipstick, eyeliner, concealer/ foundation brushes or any other brushes that contain water proof/ highly pigmented makeup on it,  use a Makeup remover (I use maybelline makeup remover) to clean it first before proceeding to next step. For the eye-shadow, blush, powder brushes, you can skip this step.

makeup brushes


makeup brushes

Step – 3

Put all the brushes in the bowl with shampoo+water and let it stay for 5-6 hours. you can repeat this step if you feel that the brushes need more cleaning.

makeup brushes

Step – 4

Wash the brushes in plain water.

Step – 5

Place them on a clean hand towel and leave it to dry for a day.

Your brushes are now fresh and clean 🙂

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How I organize my makeup!

organize makeup

Hi everyone!

I thought of sharing with you all how I arrange and organize my makeup, this might give you some tips.

organize makeup

1. Nayasa plastic drawers

These are very helpful in keeping little makeup tools / equipments in place which you generally tend to misplace and have to do without it at the hour of need.


I use this to store all the eye/ lip pencils (along with the sharpener) in one drawer, tools such as tweezers, eyelash curler etc. in the other and all the liquid liners in the third drawer.



You can get this easily from any store selling plastic items.

2. Acrylic lipsticks/ lip gloss organizer

This one keeps all my lip color together. I use a section of it to hold my makeup brushes and Q tips. The rest of the space is taken up by lipsticks and lip glosses. Very convenient.



I got this from home stop.

3. A simple acrylic organizer with compartments

This helps store face products,eye-shadow pallets, lipstick pallet, lashes and other miscellaneous items.




This one too I got from Home Stop.

4. Lipstick Palette

This is a lipstick palette which I made on my own. I deported most of my lipstick shades to this palette, its very convenient when you are travelling, and even helps you bring in use broken lipsticks. You can even recreate your own shade by mixing 2 or more lipsticks. There is a lot you can do while making a lipstick palette.


Hope you found it useful. Do share your thoughts with me 🙂

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