Broken lipsticks back to life!

Broken lipsticks

A broken lipstick is as painful as a broken heart! Some of our lipsticks are simply abandoned once broken or distorted! I surely couldn’t bear the separation, hence I decided to fix them. Using these 2 techniques I could restore life in my dead broken lipsticks and so can you! So let’s get started.

Steps to fix broken lipsticks

Step – 1

Use a candle to melt the base of the broken lipstick portion. Make sure you keep a very light hand in doing so, we just need a layer of melted lipstick to act as a glue so that it can stick on to the other portion.

Step – 2

While the base is still melted, quickly place it over the other portion. Let it cool for 10 – 15 minutes and you have your lipstick fixed 😀


Broken lipsticks


Steps to create a palette

Step – 1

Deport the lipstick on a spoon, place it over a candle and let it melt entirely.

Broken lipsticks

Step – 2

Pour this melted lipstick in a lipstick palette/ a spare lens case  😀

Broken lipsticks

Step – 3

Put your freshly fixed lipstick in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and they are ready to be a part of your vanity family once again!

Broken lipsticks

Do try these tips and let me know what you think!


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2015 Wedding season beauty hacks!


Hi Everyone!

The wedding season is at its peak. With the growing traffic one is always in a hurry to leave home early! These beauty hacks can bring you at ease in the hustle bustle, quicken the whole process of getting ready and is also travel friendly!!

1. Hair

If your hair are done well, you are dressed up 90% already (remaining 5% effort to clothing and makeup each). Even if you fall in the category of women who do not prefer makeup, still a good hairdo can effortlessly increase your glamour level! A quick and travel friendly hack for this is to use a Flat Hair Ironing Machine. You can use this to straighten, curl, out turn or In turn your hair! 1 tool 4 looks!! I have been using Remington hair straightener for ages now and its my perfect solution to any king of hair styling I want.

Hairdo done from a Flat Iron



With the hustle of shopping, getting ready, leaving for the venue early to avoid jams, one often decides to give nails a miss!! Here is a hack for that! Use a quick dry nail polish like maybelline dry in 40 seconds, or quick dry range from Revlon or Lakme. One of the reason why I am a big BIG fan of Maybelline Nail polishes is because of how quick they are in drying! The moment you start applying and reach the 5th finger, the first 2 are dried already! So one doesn’t really have to go through the traditional ‘Nail Polish applying steps’ of apply-wait-wait-wait instead its apply-admire for a few seconds and good to go! Top it up with a glittery top coat for the extra oomph!

Wedding Special Nails


Highlighter! Highlighter! Highlighter! For an instant fresh glowing radiant look! I use the one from Mac and it gives a beautiful glow! You can use it on the cheek bone, brow bone, even on the eyelids. Pair it up with a bright lip color, eyeliner and Lootttsss of Mascara, ready to go!!

MAC Silver Dust
MAC Silver Dust as a highlighter

Hope these hacks will help quicken and ease the whole process of getting ready! Let me know your experiences!

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