DOs and DONTs for long and strong nails | How to grow nails faster

long nails

I often get asked about my secret to long nails, I have even heard people complaint about the difficulty they face in growing their nails long. I would like to share some of the tips I use to keep my nails long and strong.

The following tips shall help provide strength to your nails, prevent chipping and even provide strength.

long nails



  1. Massage your bare nails with vitamin E oil once a week.
  2. Use a good quality nail polish remover. The one that doesn’t dry out your nails. I love the Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish remover (BUY HERE)
  3. Wear heavy duty gloves (BUY HERE) while doing household cleaning.
  4. Massage olive oil over your nails and cuticles before going to bed.
  5. Use good quality nail polishes.
  6. Clean your nails thoroughly with a brush every morning.
  7. File or trim your nails once in two weeks

long nails


  1. Never use your nails to peel, scratch or pick, use fingers instead
  2. While typing, make sure you are using your finger tips and not hitting your nails against the keys.
  3. Nails exposed to detergent frequently can become susceptible to breakage.

long nails



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3 Steps To Classic Black & Gold Nails

Black and Gold

Black and Gold is surely a classic combination and looks alluring on nails as well!

Black and Gold

You shall need

Maybelline New York 25 Crystal Clear/Base Transparent

Maybelline Blackout

Maybelline Gold Gluttony

You can buy these shades online from NYKAA

Here is a quick 3 step process to get these sassy black and gold nails to flaunt this weekend.

Step 1

Apply a coat of Maybelline New York 25 Crystal Clear/Base Transparent Nail Polish, this is important as dark polishes tend to leave behind stains on the nails, a base coat can lessen this to a great extend!

Step 2

Apply 2 coats of Maybelline Blackout, let it dry before you proceed to the next step

Step 2

Apply 1-2 coats of Maybelline Gold Gluttony form the gold digger collection (reviewed HERE) depending upon the bling intensity you wish to have (I applied a coat here).

Black and Gold

Wasn’t that simple?! Do give it a try and let me know your views in the comment section below!

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Glitter Newspaper Nails

Glitter Newspaper Nails

Here is an attempt to make newspaper reading some fun! And with some glitter topping, it’s surely going to be exciting 😛

newspaper nails 1

I have truly enjoyed doing these nails and I am sure its going to be fun for you too!

Glitter Newspaper Nails Tutorial


newspaper nails 2


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Festive French Manicure

Festive French Manicur

If you are fond of french manicure, this is how you can wear it with a twist for the upcoming festive season.

French Manicure

Festive French Manicure Tutorail

French Manicure

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Nail Polish Haul From Nykaa

nail pilish

With every empty nail polish bottle tossed into the dustbin, I feel my energy level decrease! Now was the time to refill my nail polish hoard.

Every visit to the makeup counter urges me to grab those colorful shiny new bottles of polishes, Of course my generous husband doesn’t mind the purchase, but my shopaholic guilt pulls me back!! 🙁

One fine day, in my recreation hour when I was sipping hot coffee, watching the rain dancing through my office window, heard a notification on my phone from Nykaa that made me jump out of me seat with joy… It was FLAT 25% OFF ON MAYBELLINE… Yayyyyy… 😀 ….I threw my shopaholic guilt wrap away, I had to.. now was the time to buy all that has been listing in my mind; so I went ahead to explore!

Without looking left and right (remember the shopaholic guilt… It was still there keeping a watch over me!!) I headed straight to the Maybelline-> Nail Polish section and picked 8 glorious shades!!

(1) Coral Craze (Rs 110/- Rs. 83/-) – It’s one of the bestest best coral shade I have come across so far. I have already used a bottle before, this one is my second purchase and that explains my love for it 🙂

(2) Orange Fix (Rs 110/- Rs 75/-) – A pretty peppy orange shade. A lot can be done with this. You can see me wearing it HERE.

(3) Porcelain Party (Rs 110/- Rs 83/-) -Would use it mainly for french manicures or for drawing white fowers.

(4) Blackout (Rs. 100/- Rs. 75/-) – Not a big fan of black nail polishes though.. but you need to have a basic black polish for nail arts!

(5) Buried Treasure (Rs. 100/- Rs. 64/-) – This looks quite interesting.. It has a chrome finish.. really excited to try it out.

(6) Rose Poudre (Rs. 350/- Rs. 263/-) – I have been eyeing this one since a while now!! so soo sooo excited to wear this beautiful mauve-pink-brown-nude shade.

(7) Sun Kissed  (Rs. 350/- Rs. 263/-) – Can’t tell you how much I have craved it ever since I first saw it!! Love at first sight exists!!!

(8) French Manicure  (Rs. 350/- Rs. 263/-) – DID YOU KNOW?!?! the only reason why I could never wear a french manicure was because I lacked the perfect base shade…. here , I have it now.. 😀 you will now be seeing lots of french manicure happening!!

The last first 5 polishes are from the Color Show Collection and the last 3 are from Forever Strong Super Stay Collection (reviewed HERE)

nail polish
L-R: Buried Treasure, Blackout, Coal Craze, Orange Fix, Porcelain Party


nail polish
L-R: Sun kissed, Rose Poudre , French Manicure

Pheww.. that ends the haul!! Now since the shopaholic guilt wrap is on me back again… I promise myself not to buy new nail polishes for next few months atleast!!!

Do let me know which shade you liked the best 😀

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Quick Party Nails

Quick Party Nails

There are times (well, most of the time) when you want to reach out for an ultra quick nail art solution. This nail art can be a good quick option.

Nail Polishes Used

Maybelline Orange Fix

(I got this shade from Nykaa at a great deal of 25% OFF, you can check out my next post on nail polish haul from Nykaa)

Maybelline Bling Thing

Quick Party Nails

All you need to do is, On 2 generous base coats (Orange Fix used here) you need to apply a glitter top coat (Bling thing used here) at the ends. You can apply the top glitter coat with a sponge like I did, for high glitter density OR simply with the nail polish brush.

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