Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies | Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing better than a chilled glass of milk with one or two hand made choco chip cookies. The two make a perfect summer evening munch on. The recipe is super simple and requires no blender or mixer. Oven is the only electrical appliance you would need. Ingredients Salted Butter (room temperature) – 113 gms (1 […]

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Super Delicious 3 Texture Chocolate Cake Recipe

chocolate cake_3

Here is another cake recipe coming for you cake lovers. I bet this is going to be the most unique chocolate cake you’ve ever tried… as you can already guess by the name. It’s three texture because you can experience 3 different textures in one slice. You have a crusty top layer, followed by soft […]

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Whole Wheat Cinnamon Biscuits Recipe (Eggless)


It’s time for a new recipe and I am so excited to share this one with you all. In one of my previous post I had prepared vanilla cake which contained egg, I wanted to share an exciting eggless recipe for our dear vegetarians out there. These are healthy whole wheat cinnamon biscuits…. trust me, they turn […]

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