Lakme 9 to 5 Blush Work Review

Blush Work

Hello Everyone, Today I am reviewing Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in the shade Blush Work (MP10). Its a beautiful coral matte shade with a little golden shimmer that comes in a cute and attractive metallic packaging. But I am not very happy with the product. You will soon know why, But the extremely beautiful shade has still managed to keep its¬†place in my heart ūüôā

Blush Work
Blush Work – Swatch


Packaging The packaging is cute, loved the metallic outer body of it.


Blush Work
Blush Work – Case


Quality This is where I was heart broken. I am not very impressed by its texture. Initially while applying, its smooth and silky but it becomes patchy and weird powdery when you reapply. It even tends to settle in the fine lines on lips, giving it a very unfinished look. Feels very dry on the lips. Absolutely not recommended for people with dry lips.

Staying Power It stays for about 4 hours (including little bit of munching) definitely not from 9 AM till 5 PM , as the name suggests.

Price Rs 425/-

Rating 2.5/5

Blush Work
Blush Work – work as lipstick and blush

Why it couldn’t make it 5/5

1. Not so good texture, tends to look patchy

2. Not suitable for dry lips

3.Gives a very unfinished look

4. I think it would have looked better without the golden shimmer

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