Lakme plump and shine lip gloss review

Lakme plump and shine lip gloss

Hi Everyone!!

Today I am reviewing the lakme Plump and Shine lip gloss.

It comes in many shades, I have 2 of these namely

1. Blossom Shine

2. Pink Shine

One of them gifted by my dear friend.


Pink Shine is a bright pink gloss good for summer day wear, you can see me wearing this shade HERE

Blossom Shine  on the other hand is a soft peachy shade which I feel can be worn in any season, any time of the day depending on how you play with the eye makeup.

Lakme plump and shine lip gloss

Packaging: It comes in a transparent glass bottle, with a metallic cap. The transparent bottle does help in identifying the quantity level but as per my views a sleek and compact bottle is better. Moreover, the brush in it is very narrow, it picks up very little amount of the product at a time , which doesn’t support even and smooth application.

Lakme plump and shine lip gloss

Quality: the gloss feels like a thick though non sticky. Not very comfortable to wear, moreover the application comes out uneven. You’ll really have to pay a lot of attention while applying. As the name says ‘plump’, I didn’t notice any plumping factor at all.

Lakme plump and shine lip gloss

Colour Payoff: I didn’t find its colour Payoff satisfying. It’s absolutely not there when you eat or drink anything. I would say it last for about 3 hours on an average.

Lakme plump and shine lip gloss

Price: Rs. 450/-

Rating: 3/5

Why it couldn’t make 5/5?

1. Poor staying power

2. Uneven application

3. Feels thick on the lips

4. Doesn’t help in lip plumping (which the name claims about the product).


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