Secret to Perfect Long Lasting Lipstick

It can be very annoying to see your lipstick fade away especially when you are wanting it to last longer and there is no room for touch ups!! A few simple steps can save the day and give you perfect lipstick application all day long!

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Lipstick application


Step 1 – Exfoliate

If you have dry, chapped lips, you absolutely cannot move any further without performing this step. The dry flakes on the lips can prevent the lipstick from staying longer and even makes the application look patchy and messy. For a lip scrub, you can simply mix honey and sugar or what I like to do is, while brushing my teeth, I run my toothbrush on the lips, a quick and simple DIY, but definitely the most effective and inexpensive way of keeping lips well exfoliated. You can, of course, get ready-made lip scrubs… e.l.f and Bite beauty lip exfoliators are some recommendations.

Step 2 – Moisturize

The immediate next thing you need to do is apply a lip balm, this needs to be done even before you apply face products so that by the time you are done with the face, and move over to the lips, the much-needed moisturization has already been soaked in. We are then going to gently pat off excess balm on a tissue paper.

Step 3 – Line

Lip liners have a slightly dry texture, which helps the lipstick adhere better and prevents it from sliding around. When choosing a lip liner, I personally like to go in for a shade similar to the lipstick I’m wearing, but you can also use a shade lighter or darker. If you don’t have a lip liner, you can use a matte lipstick of similar shade and use it as a liner with a lip brush. Once lined, using a brush, blend the product so that its kinda covering a larger area and not just a line anymore.

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Step 4 – Lipstick

When applying your lipstick, it’s a good idea to apply in patting motion, for better pigmentation.

Step 5 – Blot & Re-apply

Once you have applied your lipstick, place a thin tissue paper (1 ply preferably) over your lips and pat on some loose powder/ compact with a powder brush, remove the paper and re-apply the lipstick in patting motion.

Step 6 – Touch Up the line

Grab your liner and touch up the edges for a more crisp and perfect application, make sure to keep a very light hand here.Also, if your lip liner isn’t the same shade as your lipstick, omit this step, we don’t want just the line to pop up 😀

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Useful Tips

  1. Matte or Liquid Lipsticks last longer compared to creamy, satin or glossy finish lipstick.
  2. If you love glosses, apply a liquid lipstick and wear the gloss over it.
  3. To remove matte lipsticks, rub coconut oil on the lips, let it rest for a minute or so and wipe off with a cotton pad.
  4. Bold lipsticks can give patchy finish sometimes, applying them with a lip brush helps give even finish.

I hope these tips and tricks turn out to be useful for you, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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