Trying The Givenchy Black Lipstick

Givenchy Black Lipstick

Givenchy Black Lipstick

Taken by storm, impossible to keep in stock, it’s the Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick! Their number 1 best selling lipstick. Now before you get intimidated, let me tell you it’s a color changing lipstick which gives a berry tone depending upon your body’s pH level. So it’s a different berry tone for everybody, you feel like, it was made for you.

Just before I proceed further with this post, would like to make a disclaimer… this is a sample which I received and it’s not the actual packaging. You can have a look at the actual packaging HERE which is uber chic. Let’s head on and see what it looks and feels like.



I love how gorgeously this is packed. This would surely give you a moment of pride every time you pull it off from your bag.

Texture & Quality

This feels super hydrating on the lips, like a balm and glides on smoothly… Thanks to the black rose oil extracts. It feels so soothing that I make sure to have it with me always. It’s moisturizing at the same time doesn’t feel heavy.





The great thing about this product is, it can be pulled off perfectly by any skin tone or any age. It gives such a universal natural stained look which is buildable.

You can apply it over a lipstick or wear it alone. I even like to pick it for days when I don’t want to wear any makeup but want that little something.






Isn’t this so gorgeous!! Have you tried this black beauty? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, there are going to be some exciting blogs your way the coming week, stay tuned!


  1. I haven’t tried this lipstick but this reminds me of the Moodmatcher lipstick which I received in one of the subscription boxes. The color looks gorgeous on you 🙂

  2. The name sounds very interesting. And the color it gives is wonderful. You are right it suits everyone irrespective of age and skin tone.

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