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Classic smokey eyes can never go wrong for any occasion. You can choose the color and intensity depending upon the time of the day and of course the category for outing. Many people have a misconception of a smokey eye makeup, which is, it has to be black and bold all the time. If you too feel that way, allow me to make a correction here…

You can choose absolutely any color for a smokey eye effect ranging from neutral such as soft mauve or plum to dark and intense shades such as navy blue or black.

The shades I have chosen here is black, brown and a dull shimmery greyish-brown from the Maybelline ‘The Nudes Palette’.

Let me show you how you can achieve this look in 10 minutes!

Smokey Eyes in 10 minutes
Smokey Eyes in 10 minutes


And the time starts now….


Step 1 


Use an eye-shadow primer on your lids so that the shadow glides on easily, doesn’t crease and lasts longer.  The primer I have used is from MAC and the shade name is Painterly.

Apply it evenly on the whole of the upper lid and if you do not have one, you can use a concealer, If you happen to run out of a concealer also… go ahead and used a small bit of your foundation.

Time Taken – 00:00:45


Step 2 


I have picked the darkest quad form the Maybelline ‘The Nudes Palette’.

Shades used from The Nudes Palette
Shades used from The Nudes Palette


1. Apply Shade number 1 evenly on the upper eyelid.

        Time Taken – 00:00:30

2. Apply Shade number 2 in the crease and the outer half of the upper and lower lid. This steps required enough blending so that no harsh lines are visible.

        Time Taken – 00:01:00

3. Apply Shade number 3 in the inner half of the upper and lower lid and make sure the blending is proper so that the transition between shade 3 and 2 isn’t noticeable.

        Time Taken – 00:00:45

4. Apply shade number 4 in the outer corner and the lash line of the upper and lower lid. Blend Blend Blend!

         Time Taken – 00:00:45

5. Use a Black Kajal to line the upper and lower lid. Making it thicker at the outer 1/3 of the eye and thin as it gradually goes in.

         Time Taken – 00:00:30

6. Repeat the process with shade 4.

         Time Taken – 00:00:30


Time Taken – 00:04:00


Step 3


Put lots of Black Mascara on the upper and lower lashes . I used Maybelline Falsies Mascara here.

Time Taken – 00:01:15


Step 4


Apply Lashes on the upper lash line. I generally prefer using lashes only on the outer 1/3 of the eye for more natural looking lashes. But in order to dramatise the look you can choose the type and length as per your convenience.

Time Taken – 00:03:30

The Finished Look


In order to add drama, you can use slight larger amount shade 2 and 4 used above. You can try with various shades and share your experience in comment box below.

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