DOs and DON’Ts of wearing a fuchsia lipstick!

fuchsia lipstick

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Ever tried wearing fuchsia lipstick but dreaded the thought of looking over the top!?!? Not anymore, fuchsia lipstick can make you look really glamorous if worn carefully. Here are some of the DOs and DON’Ts to help you carry it well.

fuchsia lipstick

1. Lip Liner

Make sure you use a very similar color lip liner, you can go 1 shade darker but Its good to be in close proximity to the lipstick you’ll be wearing. If you don’t have one you can use the lipstick itself with a thin brush to act as a liner. A lip liner will add definition to the look and prevent the lipstick from smudging

2. Mind the outline

Make sure you follow the natural line of your lips while lining.

3. Rest of the face

Keep rest of the face out of focus.The whole idea is to keep Fuchsia lips, the statement of the look!

4. Subtle eye-makeup

Keep the eye make-up very subtle. You can skip the eye-shadow or use very neutral colors.

5. Brown eyeliner

I prefer using a brown gel eyeliner softly smudged. You can use black if desired but it should be thin enough and well smudged to give a softer look. If using a brown eyeliner, do use black mascara to prevent your eyes from looking tired.

6. Flawless skin

Concentrate to make the skin look as flawless as possible.


1. Extreme redefinition of lips

Please please please DO NOT go out of the way to make your lips look extra large by lining outside the natural outline. Its not meant to be done when you are using an extremely bold shade.

2. Too Dark Lip-liner

Using an obviously dark lip liner is rated as “the biggest mistake” in the fashion rule book! You can go maybe a shade darker but not too dark. If you are trying to create an omber effect, that’s a different concept all together.

3. Too many colors 

Do not use too many colors on your face like blue/green/purple eyeliners or eye-shadows. Let fuchsia rule!!

4. Too much blusher
Keep a light hand when applying blusher. Do not use too pink blushers, choose peachy or pastel pink instead.

fuchsia lipstick

Products Used in the look


MAC Studio Fix – NC30

MAC Blush – Dainty


Maybelline 14 hour Super Stay 14 hour lipstick – Eternal Rose 

Coloressence Lip Liner – Fuschia Pink


Lakme absolute kajal – Brown

Loreal Double Extension mascara – Black 


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